Elop’s deal revised with incentives to ‘tank’ the company? (BB CEO to make $55M if BB is sold?)

| September 24, 2013 | 148 Replies

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Just a quick heads up on what seems to be a rather big story that it’s hit reddit’s front page (but I’m having to do some uni work atm).

There is always two sides to a story but the main one painted here appears to be Nokia’s altering of Elop’s contract which gives him an incentive to ‘tank’ the company.

Interestingly, as we compare things with Blackberry, their CEO also has incentives to sell.

As we’re flooded with the news that Elop was destined to crash Nokia, here are some interesting opposing opinions:

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Sounds like one or two of our commenters:

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Some are even saying Nokia never had a chance to begin with. But then again they may be the people that never saw the likes of the N95 or the fact that Nokia had existed and was number 1 for quite a long time. There was and is still potential there.

Cheers All for the tip!

p.s. it’s worth giving this a read. It claims Elop would have made more money if he successfully turned Nokia around – which is what some were shouting about – incentives for the benefit of Nokia. 

Also note here, when we first looked at Elop’s contract. That already mentioned Elop getting more should he leave due to a change in control. Part of the hubbub was due to the current chairman saying Elop’s contract was essentially the same as OPK’s.


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