Lumia 1820 Leaks, Sheds “Nokia” Branding

| September 24, 2013 | 64 Replies


The Nokia Lumia 1820 has leaked courtesy of the Windows 8.1 leaker Qxerro who previously shared an image of the upcoming WP 8.1 start screen changes. Of course the big change here is the fact that the phone is branded as a “Lumia” and not a Nokia, which might answer what Microsoft plan on calling their new devices.

Also note the voice command feature, which might be the new “Cortana” voice assistant app, as well as the phablet styled spacings of the Windows keys.

The user also shared what appears to be the new Lumia logo, which similar to the refined Surface logo (seen on the Surface 2) drops any brand affiliation and just goes with the product name.

Of course this could always be a hoax, but we don’t think so.


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  1. JJKING says:

    Looks fake ! buttons are too far close.

  2. jiipee says:

    I doubt that they would yet drop Nokia name. There is still the possibility that the sales is taken back or a competitive offer.

    • Janne says:

      This looks like a WP 8.1 device, which would put it in the timeframe for a launch under Microsoft.

      • aliqudsi says:

        But it’s called the 1820, and technically blue devices should end with 30. Unless msft are changing the naming scheme

        • Janne says:

          Isn’t the whole 1820 number proof positive (if true, that is) that they are changing the naming scheme anyway? :) I don’t think old names matter at all if there is a big re-numbering going on at Nokia/Microsoft.

          I agree, Nokia managed to mess this numbering scheme up too. Even in the spring with all the 820 and 920 variants I thought it was better than the old Cx-0x mess, but now it seems like they are at it again.

          They just can’t get their product naming right amidst all the change it seems, constant transition and just when everything is finally in line with the new numbering scheme, they are changing it again…

          Nokia never actually finished the Cx-0x scheme either, by the time the new xxx numbers came, there were still some old xxxx numbers being used – and now Nokia is going back to xxxx just when it seemed like xxx might have formed.

  3. Steve R says:

    Not sure what to make of this – plus the new ‘logo’ for Lumia is using an older version of the Segoe font – as far as I’m aware the current Segoe UI font has a straight ‘I’ without the top and bottom bits (can’t remember technical term haha).

    • Harangue says:

      It seems the font used is Segoe UI, the basic font that came with Win 7. I don’t know if that changed in Win 8, but the WP system font is definitly different regarding the I. Also, it seems kerning isn’t what it should be on that ‘Lumia’ logo and looks more like something one normally makes in basic Windows based text or graphic editors that still have problems with the right kerning. (Apple/Mac is superior in this) A proper logo design wouldn’t be delivered like that.

      I’m calling fake on this one or this is some very very early branding.

  4. Alvester says:

    Though Lumia brand sounds good but its not looking good on the device.

    • AMT says:

      that’s just a render (a nice looking render,very Nokia-like and minimalistic) and could also be fake. Lumia branding itself sounds like a good idea.

      • Alvester says:

        I guess it’ll take time for us to get used to see the Lumia logo on the phones as we’re quite used to the Nokia logo.

        • Janne says:

          It will, for sure.

          But Lumia there in the corner of the phone is better than Surface, at least. :)

          I hope Lumia stays, if for nothing else than sentimental reasons – to at least infuse Microsoft with a little of that Nokia spirit, instead of just the other way around.

  5. qromodynmc says:

    I think this looks fake.

  6. v.s.i says:

    Sure it’s fake. How else can the bottom bezel be so gigantic on an already large phone? Also, I don’t believe that is Cortana’s finished UI, though knowing MS’s creativity, it doesn’t stray very far from the status-quo. Oh, and why IS LUMIA SO IMPORTANT THAT IT USES ALL CAPS, unlike Surface?

  7. efjay says:

    Has anything this “leaker” has posted actually been proven accurate even once? As it seems to me these claims are a bit premature seeing as the deal was only just announced weeks ago and has still yet to be approved.

  8. v.s.i says:

    Plot twist: it’s the successor to 720 and 820, that rumoured device with a 5.2″ 720p screen and quad-core Snapdragon 400. Though the bottom bezel is still too big, if it’s mid-range and well priced it may turn out a hit.

  9. sks says:

    This is not a real photograph, this looks very photoshopped. The black bar below where the soft-keys are located is missing any reflections and shading :)

    • Janne says:

      Of course, but then none of the “press renders” are real photographs. Even official Nokia photo renders have mistakes in them like buttons in the wrong places (see Lumia 920 press photos from launch for an example of this).

      This might be an internal Nokia/Microsoft image too, for some internal presentation purposes.

      Of course it may also be completely fake.

  10. Janne says:

    This may be fake, but I do think this branding would make a lot of sense for Microsoft. It would allow to play on the momentum behind the Lumia branding and be their best shot of not messing things up by plastering Microsoft there and expecting Nokia buyers to buy it without a hitch.

    As a purely sentimental exercise, I would like to buy Lumias instead of Surface phones, that’s for sure. I think Microsoft would actually be wise in dropping Surface altogether and focusing on Lumia as their consumer device brand – would give Nokia’s work a nice legacy too. (But I’m sure they’ll mess up that idea somehow and try to peddle Surfaces to Asian markets people without Bluetooth.)

  11. Pathetic says:

    hopefully this is true and Microsoft not fuuck with the Nokia brand but why Microsoft don’t use the Nokia brand if they buy the name?
    MS know that if Nokia becomes independent of them, and start using the brand Nokia, Microsoft is dead

    here I leave a video for all those Elop suckers, (especially janne , Qudsi , jay , random random , BIG , and other specimens more) .
    please do not cry I know it’s painful for you guys

    • krishna6233 says:

      They dont have the right to use it in smartphones ..its better for nokia that they dont

    • v.s.i says:

      This video is very funny because of the cheapish PS effects applied on 10-second long scenes contrasting with the beautiful Kansas song in the background. Ballmer helps too, you can’t deny the guy is energetic and involved in what he does (not implying he’s the best for CEO, far from that). Why would someone cry over it? :))

      Oh, I know! Could it be (ʘ_ʘ) a trolling attempt? ;)

    • Janne says:

      We won’t cry and we love you too! :)

  12. techgeass says:

    its just a mock up concept.

  13. AE says:

    It looks neat, but I’m 100% sure it’s fake. I know a thing or two about 3D modelling, and Nokia press shots aren’t like this at all. Also lots of little things point strongly to concept/fan art.

  14. krishna6233 says:

    No more WP for me ..

  15. Weirdfisher says:

    If it’s true then byebye nokia

  16. krishna6233 says:

    How bad Lumia looks in this dull color :/
    nokia blue is the best :(

  17. Asharon Baltazar says:

    Microsft… Go F*** yourselves. I hate you.

  18. Donnelly says:

    I hope we’ll be able to speak to phone without having to press a button like the Android phones. That ability come with the snapdragon 800 processor. Microsoft just has to enable it. That would be the icing on the cake.

  19. D Harries says:

    Why would Nokia fans buy a device without the word Nokia on it?

    The phones are not made in Finland any more, the staff have been transferred. So what’s left?

    The point is, without the Nokia logo, what am I actually buying?

    It certainly does matter to me.

    • Viipottaja says:

      Most people are expected to be staying in Finland. Transferred to MS payroll, of course.

    • theflew says:

      I hate to tell you the Nokia’s current WP devices aren’t “made” in Finland either. Microsoft will own the same plants as Nokia currently has. A lot of the brains behind the Lumia designs will also be going to Microsoft. So if you want a “Nokia” phone over the next couple of years Microsoft will be your only path.

      The reason I purchased a Nokia phone in the first place was their adoption of WP. The simplicity of WP meshes with the direction Nokia was trying to take Maemo/Meego. Previously I had a Nokia 770, N800, N810 and N900.

  20. sina88 says:

    It couldn’t be more obvious that this picture is a poor fake. How dumb are some people? Intelligent once here?

    • Janne says:

      Too many people have fallen into the trap of calling something fake prematurely… Hard to say which one this is.

      It is often quite hard to tell early internal renders and fakes apart. Companies work on stuff internally in many stages, some that might be very crude. Sometimes even final PR renders have mistakes in them.

  21. Rev says:

    I think this looks fake because of the design of the microphone button, plus the orange color. The microphone button wouldn’t be uneven like that, it’d be centered. We’ve never seen that orange color in the Windows Phone OS, but I guess it could be new with GDR3 or Blue.

  22. Moody Caplan says:

    That front facing camera looks huge. Also the design language of this phone comes out very surfacy perhaps this is what the Surface phone was going to be.

  23. Shane says:

    What the heck is the 1820?
    I know the rumoured 1520 & 2520, where does this fit?

    • Bloob says:

      Yeah, weird naming. Especially weird because, based on the size of the bottom bezel, it is not a “phablet”.

      • Shane says:


        So is this likely to be exactly like the 1520, but with a 4.5/6″ display? If so, come December it’s going to be a toss-up between this or the 1020.

        Sooo much other gear to get in the coming mths too, from multiple platforms, decision/decisions, 1st world problems.

  24. Shashank says:

    Imo its a fake as the background image i.e is posted on 18th of Sept. So 6th Sept date is out of question. The link is on the image itself. Or maybe I’m wrong.

  25. Nick says:

    I’m gonna buy two gadgets next year…

    1. Surface 2 Pro
    2. Nokia lumia 1520

    It’s gonna be a great combination…

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