Nokia World 2013 Officially Announced, Abu Dhabi October 22nd

| September 24, 2013 | 46 Replies


We’ve known this for quite a while now, but Nokia’s next event will be held in Abu Dhabi come the 22nd of October. The event is supposed to be the unveiling of both the 6 inch Lumia 1520 phablet, and Nokia’s first ever tablet; the Lumia 2520.

Yep – it’s official! Nokia World is coming and the Nokia Conversations team will be in Abu Dhabi on October 22 to bring you the news as it unfolds.

Stay tuned for more info and join us, feel it and discover more on October 22 right here on Nokia Conversations!



Sounds exciting! Especially the choice of calling it a “Nokia World” rather than jut any old event, perhaps one last one to give the Nokia we love a proper sendoff?



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  1. sinple says:

    Don forget about asha 500 also.

  2. Janne says:

    I wonder if it is “Nokia World” in name only, like 2012 was. Probably, because it is announced so late. Because the prior Nokia World was actually a very large event open to developers and others, gathering together a very large group of different players in the Nokia ecosystem to an expo/seminar of sorts, not just an invite only launch. The old Nokia Worlds were announced six months in advance too to give the wide range of attendees time to buy tickets and prepare etc.

  3. Sa Ra says:

    Will this be last Nokia event ?

  4. oakpacific says:

    I doubt if it would even be about phones at all. “innovationreinvented” alludes to the fact that Nokia has kept innovating for the last 150 years yet transforming itself time and again to become leader in different industries, this seems to be confirmed by the hashtag “wayforward”, which for them is probably less about phones. And Abu Dhabi sounds like a bit of an extraordinary place for announcing new phones.

    • Janne says:

      “innovationreinvented” alludes to the fact that Nokia has kept innovating for the last 150 years yet transforming itself time and again to become leader in different industries

      Good point. I wonder if Nokia will use this launch event as a platform to promote the “new Nokia” too. On the other hand, I would expect them to launch phones as well, because phones are still a part of Nokia.

      Then again, I’m not sure it is a good idea to combine an event about new phones and new Nokia into one. It might send the wrong signals to the world. As long as phones are part of Nokia, they shouldn’t want to convolute phone launch messages with the pending Microsoft deal message, but stay “business as usual” until the handover…

      We shall see. :) But good speculation there, oakpacific. Thanks.

      • oakpacific says:

        Well, why, it’s not a bad idea at all. At least I can always keep my wild dream about graphene phone alive, “Advanced Technologies”blahblahblah…you know ;)

      • torcida says:

        Yes, good point.

        Excited about this event and the future of NOKIA more than about the new 1520…!!!

  5. Janne says:

    You heard if here first:

    HERE is going into maritime navigation! ;) ;)

    • MoritzJT says:

      About damn time… They should also map all space debris! I don’t want to collide with some satjunk in 5 years!


    • Capedonut says:

      That wouldn’t be a bad idea though, given that nautical charts from most coastal waters are missing on wp

    • tom says:

      Here can go anywhere, it’s not saving Nokia. What Nokia needs is someone like Marisa Mayer and not Elop. Marisa Mayer can stabilize yahoo means she is good. Elop was paid to drop share price and then sell to someone(Microsoft?) See http://www.theverge.com/2013/9/24/4766072/report-says-stephen-elops-contract-with-nokia-paid-him-to-fail

      • Janne says:

        I’m all for Nokia hiring Marissa Mayer. ;)

        As for HERE, the above was in jest of course. I’m not expecting HERE to save anything.

        • tom says:

          Looking at when Marissa Mayer became Yahoo CEO, yahoo was almost a dead company. Morale was low and it was going the way of Myspace. She stabilized the company, didn’t link the future of Yahoo to Google or Microsoft. She executed perfectly.

          Compare that to Nokia when Elop took over, Nokia was making billion dollar profits and still by far largest smart phone maker. Yes, it was losing market share but it was not dying at all. Properly managed, Nokia would still be a force.

          I do not have evidence to say Elop is a trojan or not, it does look so. Someone has to be more than simply incompetent idiot to kill a company from that position 3 years back.

          • Janne says:

            Then again, when Steve Jobs went back to Apple, one of his first moves was to hook up with Microsoft and make a very controversial browser and financing deal at the time. Same yells could be heard back then, I remember it very well because I followed that space intently then. Had Nokia’s strategy succeeded, we would be singing a different tune now.

            But sure, Elop failed and failed big. I doubt it was a conspiracy, though. Now it seems he failed in his marriage too. Laughing all the way to the bank may not be such a big consolation when the world and your family thinks you’re a failure.

            • tom says:

              I did follow the Apple story when Steve Jobs went back. There are lot differences.

              1. Apple took 150 million from MS as it was close to bankrupt. They didn’t have money.
              2. Apple made a deal to port IE and Office on MAC OS. Apple didn’t have an alternative for any of those. Also the agreement didn’t prohibit Apple from developing their own competing application Safari and iWork.

              More importantly, even though MAC had very low market share(unlike big market share for Nokia), Apple didn’t discard it’s own OS and started using Windows. So situations and deals are quite different. Apple was dying and made a favorable(to Apple) deal, Nokia was making billion dollar profit and made a favorable deal(to MS) and scraped all is’s OS.

              • Janne says:

                Sure, there are many differences. But the point was simply to illustrate not all Microsoft partnerships fail.

                Nokia was, of course, very well aware of the risks involved with Microsoft. I had a chance to discuss this two years ago with a former Nokia executive and I believe Jorma Ollila has made public or at least publicly known statements to that effect years ago too. The board, chaired by Jorma Ollila at the time, knew the risks.

              • Shaun says:

                1. Apple had about $1 billion in the bank, no debt. It didn’t need the $150 million. The $150 million was a settlement in a long running patent dispute.

                2. Apple already had Office on the Mac. Microsoft were threatening to stop developing it.

                Jobs realised that keeping Office was more important than the patent dispute which was about look and feel between old Mac OS and Windows prior to 95. That horse had bolted long ago and Apple lost. Back in 1997, Office compatibility was more difficult than now because the file formats were binary, unpublished and proprietary.

                Really, it wasn’t about the money. Jobs personally could have given Apple $150 million a few times over. The whole ‘Microsoft saved Apple’ thing is a complete myth.

  6. Shaun says:

    Hopefully they’ll have Elop, Jo Harlow, Weber and Kevin “AWESOME!” Shields on stage. Can’t wait to say goodbye.

  7. eeteet says:

    Yes, small sail boat. Jolla in Finnish! :)

  8. Jonathan Lahdo says:

    I’m so annoyed it’s not even funny. I live in Dubai and my house is about an hour drive from Abu Dhabi but I can’t go because (being 15) I have school on that Tuesday and have an exam in that week. The first ever Nokia release near to me, and I’ll just have to live with reading liveblogs and recap articles :(

    • Oslik says:

      Perhaps your parents could excuse you from the school for that one day and you could study for your exam sooner?

      • Jonathan Lahdo says:

        It’s not about studying for the exam, it’s the fact that the exam is sometime during that week. Emphasis on sometime, as it hasn’t been confirmed yet so I can’t afford to take the risk :/

        • Shaun says:

          Study for your exam. By the time you leave school there’ll no longer be any Lumias to worry about but you’ll need your qualifications.

  9. ssd says:

    Look more like funeral. Nokia will be buried in abut dhabi

  10. edi_opteron says:

    o gosh, is it only for the people Nokia has invited?
    I mean can I buy a ticket to abu Dhabi and head to Nokia event? Man I really want to go there.
    Ali what do u think?

    • Aliqudsi says:

      I think in the past Nokia have had limited number of event tickets for the general public to buy, but that was when the events were a week long or so, not sure as I’ve never attended a Nokia world, but it might be possible.

  11. Jules says:


    Damn, dis is really happening :(, Time to get the NOKIA lumia 1020


  12. torcida says:

    Nokia is sailing… Or is it Jolla :P

  13. t t says:

    #innovationreinvented. Swipe was innovation. Now it is reinvented by Jolla.

  14. nokian69 says:

    Apart from mobile launches, Nokia may announce the HERE with Etisalat which will help the mobility of traffic issues and a lot of Traffic information through mobile phones!

  15. nokiaaa says:

    dustproof and waterproof nokia. First with sand and second teaser with water. Something like sony.

  16. Lupus says:

    This is a huge one… Jolla means a small boat in finnish. Nokia sail on a Jolla boat. View is fisheye like = Sailfish – obviously. Swipe is reinvented. What else this can be but Nokia plan B? Wait a second… That is: Jolla + Nokia – (Elop – divorce x Microsoft – Ballmer/retirement) = Nokia Jolla Sailfish feat. Android. Great plan by Nokia Board! Who could have guessed! Way to get rid off unprofitable cell business and have a fresh start, those cunning finns…

    • Shaun says:

      I’m sure it would have been cheaper to have just kept with the meego/meltemi strategy in the first place and by now without Nokia propping up Windows Phone that would have died a death on crappy HTC and maybe huawei or LG phones.

  17. Anthony says:

    They stop store support for symbian/meego devices on 1.01.2014.
    No new apps or updates for existing apps can be added from developers.

    No mention on MNB?

  18. Karl says:

    just looking at the picture above: is that a ‘Jolla’ Sail(fish)boat ????

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