Gallery: Incredible #Lumia1020 Images

| September 26, 2013 | 13 Replies

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking at various Lumia 1020 galleries, most likely because I’m super jealous. Two of the best galleries I’ve seen come from David Detko and Richard Dorman. Both have always had some stunning mobile images, and I thought why not bring their efforts to a wider audience. (Click images to see the full flickr page)

Here are a few from David’s Gallery;

Xenon flash and its time freezing abilities never cease to amaze


I love all of David’s close-up photos of the human eye


You can actually see the hairs on the Bees’ backs

No special trickery here but the colouring and clarity is impressive for a standard “out and about” shot

Spiral with the lights and the red colouring makes for a cool effect

Richard’s gallery is more scenic and capturing natural beauty.

Here are a few other images floating around that I like too

Another guy I’ve been following for quite some time is Daniel Cheong. His photo’s are just wow! These are a few he caught on a 1020, but man does he have some amazing stuff captured with DSLRs.


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