Q&A With Nokia’s Imaging Team Regarding the Microsoft Acquistion

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A lot of people have been wondering what would happen to the Nokia team that brought us the amazing Pureview technologies once Microsoft are in control. Well the folks at Nokia Conversations have done a nice Q&A qith the folks at the imaging team and answered some pivotal questions.

What does the Nokia/Microsoft announcement from Sept. 3 mean to you and the work of your team?

Samuli: We’ve been working closely with Microsoft over the past years and continue to do so.

Specifically, when we worked on the imaging capabilities on theNokia Lumia 1020, close collaboration with them was super important. In order to ship on time, both parties stayed up for nights.

But I have to say that although our working relationship with Microsoft was very close and unique in many ways, we were part of different companies, which obviously set some rules for engagement and prevented us from sharing everything.

Now we are looking forward to what we can achieve when we will be part of Microsoft and can be truly open. We are looking forward to the amazing stuff we can build together!

Regarding the question of what these devices will be called (or the camera technology in them), they said the name of the technology doesn’t make a difference, but that said they do like Pureview

What will happen to PureView?

Samuli: PureView stands for the best imaging experiences on our devices and we will continue to innovate in this area. The Nokia Lumia 720 was a great example of us bringing a stunning camera to market with our widest aperture to date, but it didn’t carry the PureView name.

The most important thing is what we do, not what it is called, although we like PureView a lot.

Thankfully nothing should change regarding their relationship with Zeiss.

Do these changes affect our relationship with Zeiss?

Samuli: Zeiss is our long term partner and I don’t see any reason why that would change.

Read the rest of the Q&A over here:


Hopefully that’s cleared somethings up for you guys 🙂

Thanks for the tip Alvester


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