Nokia Lumia 625 Review

| September 26, 2013 | 6 Replies

DSC03556Now that the Lumia 625 is safely on its way back to the Nokia Connects office (huge shout out for the trial), I can share my thoughts on it (I feel like I’m never done with the device till it’s out of my life). Put simply the 625 is a great phone, and it’s possibly the best medium/budget-end phone Nokia have made (yes I said it).

It has none of the issues the 520 had in terms of dropped frames while filming or poor build quality, in fact the build quality is equal to that of the 920 or 1020, and the design can parallel that of the 925 if you like flashy colors. The screen although 480p doesn’t have any real issues, the ppi is perfectly acceptable for a budget device in my opinion; and as I mentioned in the video the 625 hides it’s low ppi well. For the full review which I’m too lazy to type up, check out the video below

In case you missed them here are the rest of the 625 review videos (Unboxing, Camera tests, and gaming performance).


Gaming Performance:

Video Tests:

Front facing camera:

Main Camera:




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