Put down your pitchforks says UnwiredView; No Nokia incompetence or board conspiracy for Elop’s deal?

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An interesting read over at Unwired View by Stasys Bielinis (part 2 of how these conclusions came about appears tomorrow). I suggest you read that before commenting. In a related post, we highlighted some comments that tried to go against the grain regarding the anti-Elop bandwagon. One of the links we shared was also another good read from WPC.

This one is another article that attempts to say there isn’t all that drama that we seem to be in. There was neither the incompetence by the Nokia board, nor were they actually attempting to sell the company by hiring Elop.

There was in fact supposedly more incentive for Elop to do well for the company, rather than what’s previously suggested. He stood to make $55 Million dollars if WP paid off for Nokia apparently. Furthermore, the previous CEO is said to have made between 11-17M euros (note, not even dollars) for his departure.

As previously noted, it seems quite usual practice that CEOs get quite large severance packages (Thorstein Heins could get $55, HP’s Apotheker got $25 for an 11 month stint).

Stasys doesn’t ignore Nokia’s mistakes of the past, one of which he believes is going 100% WP. But as for being grossly incompetent , ill intent, conspiracy to destroy nokia…well we’re told that looking at the public annual Nokia reports indicates otherwise.

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