Lumia 929 for Verizon leaked in Hands-On Video & Nokia’s Own Commercial

| October 27, 2013 | 10 Replies


It seems as if the Lumia 929 plans on following in its predecessor’s steps by getting completely and fully leaked then getting a lackluster announcement. The phone seen in a 45 second below has a vey “boxy” appearance similar to that of the Lumia 928, but also has the windows keys bunched together; it also has a very glossy black finish, all previous black devices have carried matte black finishes to hide the smudges so this is interesting.

However this isn’t the first time the device has been leaked, back at Nokia World when the Dragon Adventures game was announced I was pinged asking what the device was, I did some asking around but was told it was “most likely” a filler device or a early prototype of the 1520 (everyone I asked from the Nokia team was Europe based, so I can’t blame them for not knowing).

The phone can be spotted in the advert at around the 35 second mark.

(the 929 appearing in the video was also pointed out on reddit a few days ago, where I shared my wrong info once again- Sorry guys.



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