LeakyLeak: MoneyPenny; Shows Dual Sim 3G Support and WP 8.1

| December 23, 2013 | 45 Replies

BcMa_dlCMAAL4bK@Evleaks is at it again, this time leaking a screenshot (or press shot) of what appears to be a Dual Sim Lumia device codenamed Moneypenny. THe device is rumored to be the Lumia 630, and one of the first Lumais to launch running WP 8.1. As you can see 8.1 does away with the need of physical buttons, in favor of on screen touch buttons (although we’re confident devices with physical buttons wills till get support). More interestingly however are the dual sim tiles, icons and notification; as you can see there are two notifications for cellular strength, as well as two phone and messaging tiles (with small numbers denominating which SIM they belong to). These dual tiles might get confusing for users, but you never know.








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  • Chris Wayne

    Don’t care, I want the 929 or Icon NOW!

  • Windows phone should have more theme colour instead of black and white

    • Ben

      you don’t know yet, so don’t judge it until its final.

  • Viipottaja

    Confusing with the little #1 and #2 on each tile? If that’s too confusing for a user, may not be a good idea to get a dual-SIM to begin with.. 😀

    Almost certain to get this as my travel phone – hopefully in the sub-$300 price range.

  • رضا

    Il me semble qu’il est chinois

  • Random Random

    Windows Phone.

    I’m pretty sure the old school Nokia fans would be praising it if it had two things changed.

    First, the graphics. If Microsoft was using different set of colors and rounded icons instead of the square ones, the old school Nokia fans would praise the looks of the OS.

    The kernel. If it had any other kernel, even an inferior one, the old school Nokia fans would praise it. No matter if it was closed. They just would like to see another kernel used.

    • brhooma

      Zero idea what u talking about !!!

      • Random Random


        You can’t understand how computers can use rectangle objects to hold graphics representing rounded icons?

        Please educate yourself.

    • Nabkawe5

      Your duck escaped from the well to the light side of things.
      I thought I’d share your passion for speaking incoherent idiotic thoughts. 🙂

      • Random Random


        I suppose you have some serious prejudice.

        The biggest problem for most of the people are the tiles. The tiles are called ugly or disgusting. Some people just hate to see the tiles.

        However the same people forget hoe the tiles are just icons. Even the N9 has rectangles, but they are used to represent very rounded rectangles.

        But hey, maybe you are just ignorant about this?

        • noki

          You are the entertainment of mnb….so funny…..

          • Random Random


            I guess you never knew how computers use rectangles for representing even the rounded objects.

            • noki

              What a joke… you redefine stupidity… and take it to new levels

              • Random Random


                You are apparently ignorant.

                • noki


                  • Random Random


                    You seem to be ignorant.

                    • Noki


                  • xNokian

                    Computers using rectangles to represent the circles made my day. Random, please repeat this many times in the following posts. It will solidify this point in your brain if you still somehow doubt it.

                    • Janne

                      Are you suggesting N9’s squircles are not squares with transparent corners?

                      Would surprise the heck out of me if they aren’t.

                    • Random Random



                      That would amaze me too.

                      Of course some people hate to think about that because that would be a good example of how WP and N9 to use very similar technology for storing the icons.

                      And yes, the difference on N9 is that it uses transparency on the edges.

                      Maybe we should educate these people a bit?


                      Nokia claims that they are actually using a rectangle to store and represent the graphics on the icons N9 is using.


                      The icons on the N9 look like rounded objects but there really is the rectangle.


                      The actual difference between N9’s icons and WP tiles is the transparency. WP doesn’t have transparency because what it comes to icons, it’s more efficient on using the space on the screen.

        • Nabkawe5

          I don’t care 🙂

          • Random Random


            In that case it’s no wonder if you can’t understand this.

    • noki

      Marking a fool of yourself as usual…. soon entertaining….. hehehege

      • Janne

        RR was being sarcastic, there.

        Can’t say I really disagree with him on that one either – the ridicule WP has received from some Nokia fans has been unreasonable and not far from the level RR’s parody suggests.

        RR is also absolutely right that computer graphics are represented basically by squares (or triangles in 3D) and that even squircles in reality are squares.

        That said, what’s the point of bickering about such pasts by RR or anyone. Seems quite pointless to me, but just my opinion. Knock yourselves out if you like. 🙂

        I find myself more interested in pondering is there anything to the Nokia wearable technology rumour?

        • Random Random


          You are right about computers using rectangles that way.

          It’s interesting to see that Noki doesn’t care to argue with you about that.

    • Janne


      I’m not sure your sarcasm is wise, especially when it tangents to off-topics. It is not being received by the responding audience ay least, it seems.

      I get your points most of the time, but getting them does require quite a bit of past knowledge about MNB debate, Nokia and mobile at large – plus a twisted sense or humor.

      Maybe adjust the style?

      • BellGo

        I’m not sure this one is sarcasm at all. The one somewhere below is clearly sarcastic, but I don’t see it here. Or could you brake it down for me?

        I just think he is a fanboy that sprouts nonsense.

        • BellGo

          break it down*

          An edit button would really help..

    • krishna6233

      I dont understand what was ur point of posting an unnecessary opinion here and starting unnecessary usual dialogues!

      • Random Random

        Why would it be unnecessary to talk about WP?

        There hasn’t been too many articles talking about the actual differences of the tiles and icons Nokia used on Symbian and N9. The key difference seems to be tiles using all the space allocated for the object. Tiles are actually saving space compared to the icons N9 was using. N9 was actually wasting space by leaving lots of empty space between the icons. Much more than there is for example on iOS.


        Just look how much space is wasted on N9.


        On N9 Nokia was trying to make the rectangles to look really rounded. The same applies to 808. If you have an 808, just press and hold an icon and you can actually see how that rounded icon is really in a rectangle similar to the tiles used on WP.

        The difference is on how well the screen estate on that rectangle is used.

  • Nabkawe5

    Its a lazy implementation to say the least, Windows Phone should let users assign a name to each sim and use that name on those tiles instead of those incredibly small numbers.
    A change of color will also solve this a themed tile is number one and a yello/magenta/blue tile for the second number.

    • mirco

      You are looking at ONE screenshot and this is your conclusion? Wow, just wow…

      • Nabkawe5

        🙂 Yes, usually these leaks are on the moneypenny “I hate myself” and Yes I’m ready to prejudge WP, as it has some honest to god idiotic choices, yet I can’t live without it.


    Lumia 630?

    • SLAYER

      just noticed the post, nvm.

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  • Disco Dad

    The stand out feature for me is not the dual SIM, but dual 3G. I’m not aware of any other phone that can run WCDMA over both radios simultaneously.

    • Random Random


      MeeGo was supposed to have multiple simultaneous 4G radios running at the same time. It was also supposed to have, in addition to that, multiple 3G radios running at the same time.

      But then again.

      MeeGo was supposed to have Android compatibility and Google Play access on the launch, taking place in May 2011.

      Only if Elop didn’t forbid that from happening.

      • noki

        Random the FUD machine. Keep a it how completely unrelated it may be don’t let anyone stop you spewing randomness.

        • Janne

          Can one FUD about past events? Must think about that.

          The Internet certainly poses interesting dilemmas.

          Is sarcasm FUD? I guess it can be. In this case, I doubt it qualifies.

          As a translation to the rest of the world, RR seems to be sarcastic about the hopes and dreams MeeGo embodied for some – and how some of those dreams in reality were not realistic, even had Elop not come along.

          • Random Random


            Of course that was not going to happen.

            I was attempting to illustrate the hopes and dreams of Elop haters.

            It’s true that understanding some messages may require lots of knowledge about the mobile, but then again it may be a good think. Not everything needs to be readily digested even for the random readers.

            However I’m amazed by those comments about rectangles. I thought it would be quite obvious that computers use rectangles in 2D graphics to store rounded looking objects.

            And triangles in 3D for several purposes as you pointed out.

  • himanshu rajput

    dual tiles for messaging and phone will not confused to user becaused both tiles specified the sim number to which the belong.it will much interested to see this lumia if it exists.i am exited to see this one.

  • Alvester

    Wasn’t 8.1 supposed to have the battery percentage besides time at the top right corner?

  • dss

    I guess 8.1 could pass for 2.0 software… but its a bit far fetched. I am guessing that by this time next year WP will be closer to Symbian/iOS/Andro in terms of functionality.

    I think in 8.1 you still won’t be able to have e-mail attachments and the handling of multiple e-mail accounts won’t be sorted.

    The OS really needs tons of work..i would say it probably needs more work than Symbian in a lot of ways.

    The good thing is that Microsoft will provide support and Windows NT has tons of potential. They just need fast enough hardware, and big enough batteries to unlock all the that potential.

    It might take another 2-3 years, but WP will be okay.. its just not ready yet today.

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