Rumor: Sony to Possibly Launch a WP Device in 2014

| December 31, 2013 | 18 Replies

DSC01507Following up with the latest AdDuplex stats which pinged Nokia for over 90% of WP devices on the market; which once again raised the question of their not being much competition from other OEMs. Recently however new rumors have risen, pointing at the possibility of a Sony Windows Phone device in 2014 (still 2013 over here). Sony has been one of the manufacturers that has never released a WP device, be it 7 or 8 (Dell, LG and others flirted with WP7 back in the day).

One of the reasons Sony never went with WP was because of the WP integration with Xbox, which is of course a direct competitor to Sony’s own Playstation; the reason for the change of hearts is unclear, perhaps Microsoft was able to work something out with them? If launched the device is rumored to be marketed under the “Vaio” brand name; the popular line of Sony laptops and Windows machines that have had some mainstream success and popularity.

Should Sony make the plunge into WP it could only mean good things for the OS, as variety is the spice of life, and WP is in dire need of some spice. Hopefully however they would give their devices a proper push unlike the half-assed techniques HTC and Samsung have gone with.




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