Happy New Year from MNB! 2014 is here :)

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2014 is upon us! Happy New Year!

Thank you all so much for coming here to read, for participating in the comments, sending in news and ideas to write about and sharing these stories with others! Thank you to our writers, past and present and those who send in their own stories to post. Thank you to Nokia, and the social media teams there at at Nokia Connects/1000Heads/WOM for the opportunities to attend events, meet Nokia peeps and other fans and trial devices. It has been an absolute blast of a year and blogging about Nokia has been so much fun because of you guys! We really could not have gone as far as we have without you.

Being a Nokia fan has taught me to keep being ever hopeful, to be thankful and appreciate what has been accomplished. This year, more than ever was the greatest drama ever for the seasoned Nokia fan as our favourite brand decided there would be another change in their story as they parted ways with their devices and services division. It was and still at times, gut wrenching.

It’s been a privilege to have witnessed these chapters of Nokia’s history. I found Nokia phones so fascinating as a kid. They were the most daring in design and the latest in features. The first time I saw the 7650 in my Aunt’s place I was in absolute awe. It was the future, the computer in your pocket amongst the competition of dumbphones. The love and lust for Nokia was nurtured by joining mobile forums. The Nokia section was always the most popular and most active. It was amazing! My first Nokia was the 3310. My first colour screen Nokia was the 7210. I really wanted the 7650 but it was just too expensive and it already took me forever to save for the 7210. I was so saddened when that fell in some liquid. It was some time again before I bought my 7610, yet another head turner. That was stolen from me at a club. Oh, all my apps! My favourite apps were gone!

When folks from WOMWorld (now Nokia Connects) got in touch with me in 2006, I was in disbelief that Nokia, or a representative connected to Nokia would get in touch with me to invite me to New York to try out the upcoming, glorious N95. Since this was also around the time my 7610 got nicked, I just thought it was an opportunist spam and dismissed it. Thankfully they reached out again later in the year for CES. I had more and more Nokia content I wanted to share but I didn’t want to overload the forums. I needed somewhere to place all of these rants/ramblings/reviews/news etc. That was around the time I started MyNokiaBlog. 🙂

I never expected – a random, informal blog by a student to grow and have it’s own little community of Nokia fans, discussing Nokia activities, and being in a position to relay the voices of these Nokia fans to Nokia directly. There’s so much I’ve learnt from you guys and your discussions, often more so than the source of the stories themselves. The more I try to recall what we’ve experienced, the more surreal it all seems! Again thank you!

What will happen in 2014 when Nokia no longer makes phones? As long as time is permitting I’ll continue to write about anything Nokia related. WP is growing so there’s a lot of WP news to go through. We still don’t know 100% what will happen of Nokia Lumia under MS’s full control. Nokia branding or not those phones will still be made with that Nokia spirit, by the same Nokia talent.

Nokia isn’t even going away completely so there’ll be stories about their accomplishment with HERE, NSN and their research into new technologies. Nokia related start ups are always ever interesting to write about. We’re also going to continue following the journey of Jolla – a Nokia story that could have been. 🙂 So basically, as we said before, we’re going to stick around.

My Nokia Blog is you guys. It is more than just Nokia phones now. It’s the community. Connecting people. We will be here as long as you guys are.

Anyway, gonna have to cut this short…I’d ramble on for longer for the full throwback-reminiscing session but it’s time for NY celebrations 😀

Happy New Year and Thank you all!






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