BlackBerry new CEO says “BES” coming to Windows Phone

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CrackBerry reports that newly appointed CEO, John Chen, will be allowing BlackBerry Exchange Server (BES) on Windows Phone.

I could put a sales team on Wall Street. I know how to do this up and down Wall Street …  we will go in and tell them why BES is the best thing for them, and go through the road map, the offerings, and all that good stuff. We’re going to protect their investment in iPhone, and Android, and everywhere else, even with Windows Phones.

Whilst you may not use it (perhaps you’re an “Exchange” person), it’s always good to have options. BES used to be one of BlackBerry’s unique plays for their OS. But since no one is biting, then it’s better for them to make something out of their situation rather than throwing it all away.

BlackBerry and WP/Nokia were fighting for third place. This shows more and more than 2014′s options will be that trio.


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  • GordonH

    Blackberry has a great OS and some great products. Getting it BB products out into the market and into hands of consumers sounds great.
    Maybe the strategy works maybe it doesn’t but BB has some great products and it never hurts to keep pushing.

    • Janne

      Personally I hope most they can make BB10 work out for them. We need the diversity in the marketplace.

      • GordonH

        Wow … very hard for me to say it. But I agree with you.

        • Janne

          I’m happy we agree. :)

          Speaking of the topic – personally I’m more interested in BB10 than BES, but then I never was a BlackBerry user. BB10 as an OS is interesting, as of course is the QNX underneath.

          Anyway, it would be great if there remains room for a wide array of different mobile (and desktop etc.) operating systems.

          The 1990s with just Wintel and Mac and everything else relegated to someones garages were a dark time. Hopefully the current world can sustain a multitude of players.

          • xavier

            Janne, you should try BB10, you may get a nice surprise ;) The imminent version 10.2.1 will run most Android JellyBean apps (*.apk) without a hitch, so it may stand a fighting chance in 2014. Although I haven’t used Android in a long time (since IceCream Sandwich), the BB10 experience is really nice: QNX stability, swipe based, consolidated inbox (BB Hub), etc.

        • GordonH

          Wow… much harder for me to say it again. This time really wow wow .

          But I have to agree with you again, the second time in an article. Whoaaa

          • Janne

            I’m genuinely happy about that. Good to see we have things in common too! :)

            • burning nkia jumper


              • Janne


                Good to have some agreement too. We may have our disagreements, but we also have our agreements. :)