New “leaks” account suggests Nokia Lumia 1520v is a 4.5″ Nokia Lumia 930 with 1080p screen.

| January 26, 2014 | 19 Replies

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Another account following the “_something___leaks” social media trend, “nextleaks” reckons that the 1520v we’ve been talking about will be called Nokia Lumia 930. Similar 4.5″ screen to the 92x range but with a 1080p display.

The previous tweet mentions that Nokia Asha 4xx is the Nokia Normandy device. Interesting since Nokia Normandy appears to be better spec’d than the Nokia Asha 5xx range, but then again the 620 could be considered a better purchase than the 710.


We can’t really verify anything this twitter account is saying. The existence of a 930 isn’t that far fetched given the growingly confusing naming system of Nokia devices.

Speaking of Normandy, I’m not sure if we posted this @evleaks tweet from last week.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 23.04.39

Cheers amrut and james for the heads up!



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  • Mariano

    Nokia never used the number 4 in their models… So that should be a lie

    • Janne

      Never is not quite true, I’ve even personally had a Nokia 3410.

      However, it is true Nokia has mostly skipped the use of number 4 in their model ranges due to tetraphobia sensibilities. Considering that Asha 4xx would target the emerging markets some of where these sensibilities exist – and more importantly, considering Asha 5xx already exists with Asha software platform 1.x devices above that – the rumour doesn’t seem very likely. If Android Ashas appear, I would expect to see them in the 5xx range at first and later, if more were to come, perhaps in the 3xx range.

      Of course, Apple did well with iPhone 4 in Asia. Sony went with PlayStation 4. Globalization marches on, perhaps eventually – under Microsoft – former Nokia devices will use number 4. Microsoft, as an American company, probably has less scruples about such things as the Finnish Nokia does.

      • J

        Well Nokia didn’t use 4 before….. So what…. They never used android before too !!!

        So if they getting forked android they are getting it on FOUR


        • Janne

          4 is not impossible. I just find it unlikely. Why would a supposedly more capable Asha Android line appear at 4xx, under the current, supposedly inferior devices 5xx Asha software platform devices?

          It was easier to believe in the Asha 4xx rumors when Asha 311 was the high-end of Asha and Lumia 505 was the low-end of Lumia. However, even then Nokia elected to raise Asha to the 500 range, even re-using the number 500 which had been used only recently. Clearly Nokia has been avoiding 4xx.

          Will that change? Well, anything is possible. But I will be surprised if it happens. Maybe under Microsoft things can change over time. Or maybe if they feel 5xx must be left for Lumia or whatever name Microsoft continues to use…

          (Of course Nokia used 3 number model codes in the 1990s so re-using old numbers is not unprecedented.)

          • capedonut

            Maybe this is just the next generation ashas and the 5-series will be updated as well eventually… or will be retired

            • Janne

              Sure, Android can be the next generation of Ashas. But I would be surprised if it becomes the 4xx range. Keeping it at 5xx would seem more logical, even if the current 5xx Asha range were to be replaced.

              But hey, maybe they will surprise us all and go on all fours like some jokesters say they already did. 😉

  • Bob

    930 will be the WP8.1 launch device

  • Andre C

    Very nice. If this turns out to be true, then 830 may also keep the 4.3″ screen size but at 720/768 resolution and have the same hardware specs as 930.

    In that case, I’ll probably get an 830.

    Not really a fan of big phones.

    • Bloob

      If it gets 8GB of storage again, I’ll throw a tantrum.

      • Andre C

        Ah, forgot about that. I’m expecting a 16 GB version too. 8 GB is just too small.

  • oho

    If that 930 or 1520V or whatever it’s called turns out to be true with 1080p 4.3-4.7″ and Snapdragon 800 then I’m sold!

  • Low ends kingdom, higher end cheep

    1520v is actually 930 if we compare its specs, with 925 and 1520 its more like 928 n 925’s successor,

    hope microsoft idiotology will not effect android projects in nokia,

  • Low ends kingdom, higher end cheep

    moto g will rock, other companies will also give tough competition to google Moto G, yes there camera is shit but they have Os that can handle the biggest game in market,
    i think after samsung and google pact deal signed yesterday it will be even more than tougher for microsoft cause as i can see

    Lumia 620 is competing with Moto G,
    maybe after mwc, 720 will come at that price point

  • Starting with 4?
    Never!!! that’s a lie.

  • dss

    4.6 with small bazels is the way to go .. if they can keep the width down it should be easy to use with one hand. Of course if the UX was swipe based without any need for hardware buttons it will be even better.

    I think Apple will go for a 4.6 incher for the iPhone 6 as well with very, very thin bazel.. it will be a looker.

  • Janne

    A Lumia 920 refresh in the form of 930 makes much more sense than the rumoured and silly-photoshopped 1520V ever did. Lumia 920/925 certainly are in the need of a refresh, considering that it is soon a year and a half since Lumia 920 launch and Lumia 925 was only a facelift.

    • Marc Aurel

      I think it’s pretty obvious the 925 will be replaced soon. Only the specs remain to be seen, but what this leak suggests is believable enough. 1080p screen, Snapdragon 800 and 14 MP camera (with OIS I hope) all sound quite credible.

      • Janne


  • capedonut

    according to the leak, the price of the 4xx would be < $250, so it directly competes with the lower end lumias ?