New ‘Large’ size tile for WP8.1?

| February 10, 2014 | 13 Replies

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Nazwil8 tweets that there might be a fourth live tile size. We began with ‘medium’ square and ‘wide’ rectangle. This was followed by WP8 using more of the width of the screen and introducing ‘small’ square.

For WP8.1, we can enjoy Mr Joe Belfiore demoing the resizing of tiles all over again with the ‘Large’ tile.


We’ve seen some possible mistaken photoshops posted on Nokia’s facebook of larger tiles. Perhaps they weren’t mistaken?

What form will the ‘large’ tile take? 4X4? Or super wide for larger phablet sized devices (i.e. 2×6)


Cheers Edwin for the tip!


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  • Viipottaja

    Great if true! Would love that for the photos hub.

    • JGrove303

      Exactly my thoughts. A super fancy People tile. Games tile could be doing more with more space.

    • jiipee

      Would be appreciated, agree!

  • efekt

    Will look sweet on my new yellow Lumia 1520 – (finally) getting it today 🙂

  • Jith

    If its true I will put the photo hub and Storyteller adjacent to my Lumia 925 which will fill its display and look like a wall paper….!!!!

  • well design cell phone to selling!

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  • capedonut

    Good news. I also hope that they would make it possible to lock important apps, so that they would remain visible on the display when you scroll down

  • Ronit

    This will be more useful for the phones supporting 3 medium size tiles.

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  • Francis

    Just make it similar to Android’s Widgets, job done !!

    Same for notification center, why need so much time just to deliver this simple and basic feature ??

    Those stubborn programmer at Microsoft should listen to what’s costumer wants. As now just 3% market share for Windows Phone, WP’s Metro UI been proven failure and not popular.

    Why not refresh the whole UI with completely new concept UI rather than hard trying to convince user to like Metro UI ?

  • Keith

    Jay, if this rumor is true, then the large tile will most likely be 4×4, and probably only for 1080p devices.

    Windows 8.1 also got a large tile size so it makes sense for WP 8.1 to also get it.