IDC: Windows Phone posted the largest increase for both the quarter (46.7%) and the year (90.9%),

| February 12, 2014 | 34 Replies

According to IDC, Windows Phone posted the largest increase for both the quarter at 46.7% and the year at 90.9%. Each of this nearly double the growth of the overall market.

Leading the pack is Nokia with 89.3% of the market, attributed to the expanding portfolio which addresses entry level segments reaching the heights of the high end large screened super camera smartphones.

IDC questions whether Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s D&S can continue the momentum and ‘propel volumes higher’.

Source: IDC

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  1. Mr.Elop says:

    Unfortunatley, WP is already losing steam according to last year’s Nokia’s sales growth trajectory. I know it’s my fault. But hey, for your consolation, I’m doing alright personally.

    • Random Random says:


      How would that be your fault?

      I suppose you have not been working for Nokia or Microsoft. You are probably someone who fell in love with MeeGo and failed to understand how it was too little too late.

      According to Nokia, WP saw some very good YoY growth in 2013. In every quarter.


      • jiipee says:

        “According to Nokia, WP saw some very good YoY growth in 2013. In every quarter.”

        I doubt it was “very good” if they decided to sell the biz.

        • Janne says:

          No, it was mediocre. Mediocre wasn’t enough when they decided to buy NSN instead and while Asha was failing fast too.

        • Random Random says:

          Sure it was.

          The problem is that they started too late.

          In a race it doesn’t matter if you are the fastest guy racing the first few kilometers if the competition started few minutes before you.

          In this case Nokia and Microsoft just started too late and it will take time to grow the sales.

          This is something most people will only understand after few years from now. They just can’t figure it out today because they think that Nokia could have shipped a new platform and people would have just magically switched for it.

          It doesn’t work like that.

          Just look how Mac started in the 80′s.

          People just didn’t leave the 8-bit Apple computers and start buying Macs.

          The Mac actually had a relatively small start in unit sales. It was a great computer, but since it was a new platform, it took years to build the new user base.

          This is the case with WP and it would have been the case with MeeGo.

          Nokia just started too late.

          • Janne says:

            This is true, also, of course. Although personally I don’t think WP’s growth should be described as great, mediocre seems like a more fitting word to me.

            • jiipee says:

              No its not. It doesnt make the results “very good”, if they started too late. They were disappointing,

              For Microsoft and WP the result may be mediocre.

              • Janne says:

                It could have been to Nokia too, had they elected to push phones instead of NSN. We’ll never know.

                • xNokian says:

                  This is where I expect RR to argue that mediocre success is indeed a great success since nobody expected any success in the first place

                  • Random Random says:


                    If Android powered phones entered only today on the market, would it be a great success if the manufacturers sold 5 million Android devices in Q4 2014?

                    That would be so much less than they are selling now.

                    I would consider that a great success.

                    But hey, you would be probably bashing Android and claiming how it’s a failure when it’s not starting with at least of 50% market share.

                • JamesSB says:

                  Nokia’s biggest problem was its share price. With such a low share price, it opens them up for A&M.
                  When it comes to making market moves, a low share price means there is very little capital to work with. To rapidly grow market share, Nokia would need a lot more capital – for marketing

                  • Random Random says:

                    Why would the share price affect the amount of the capital Nokia has if the company didn’t obviously plan to raise money with new shares – or to use the new shares for some other task making that possible?



                    I know Nokia sold 10% of the company – the actual Nokia and not just D&S – for Microsoft not too long ago. That got pretty much unnoticed in the press and in the MNB.

                    However that’s a bit different and it could be compared to Microsoft investing on Apple back in 90′s.

    • Pathetic says:

      hahahaah you always make me laught Mr. Elop you’re awesome i dont know why a hate you. I still keep wondering why you hired Random Random?

  2. dss says:

    Its fine… nokia saved the platform. The remaining worry is if Microsoft had enough time using the nokia name to jump start the situation.. that name has a lot of weight behind it and if I was ms I would try to pay nokia to license their name on smartphones for a few more years.

    Lumia is nowhere near nokia in terms od brand recognition.

    Other than that .. wp is in fact in decent shape and its in fact a good product, it just needs polishing

    • jiipee says:

      Very true. Android has been growing faster measured both by volume, value and market share. Only the relative to own platform percentage is higher for WP than Android. Eg. Firefox has probably grown faster YoY, maybe QoQ too.

    • Janne says:


      My worry is that Microsoft might be stupid enough to even scrap the Lumia brand. That would be a really hard path to take.

      My suggestion would be to emblazon Lumia where Nokia now stands on the phones and not put anything Microsoftesque visible.

  3. xxx says:

    It’s funny. They always have the biggest grow. Bigger than competitors. We should see increased market share. Where it is? If you sold 100% more products and your market share is still the same, it means you competitors sold also 100% more products. Every year android is increasing it’s market share. It means that android is growing faster than WP.

    • Janne says:

      You do realize that a competition selling vastly more doesn’t need to sell 100% more products to match a growing competitors 100% increase.

      Maybe time to spruce up that math, huh? :)

      • Roman says:

        I think its your math that is wrong. If you sell 10 phones and the competitors sell 90 phones to, your market share will remain the same if both you and the competitors has had 100% volume growth.

        Just saying.

    • Random Random says:


      Didn’t they have a bigger market share now?

      They used to have just 1% and if they now have 3%, that’s quite a good growth.

      • Mr.Elop says:

        My friend, when it comes to the actual brain size relative to the skull, you would top out at the bottom. Still that hasn’t hindered you doing your job for me here, has it?

    • Pathetic says:

      this is mediocre as Janne, RR(same person), and others, should be celebrate, this is just for stupid people. an example if I sell one telephone i one quarter, and in the next quarter sell two phones i had a 200% growth. simple. WP is a mediocrity, and of course, has grown because their sales are lousy. but reached its peak last quarter, now it’s all downhill.

      • Janne says:

        I guess it is time to reveal the truth: Myself and Pathetic are actually one and the same. I write as Pathetic when I want to vent.

        Or maybe it is all that Korean PR department’s doing? How’s the money, Pathetic?


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