Nokia Motion Monitor Beta, count your steps intellegently.

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Nokia had an experimental app back in the days of the Nokia N8 called Wellness Diary it was an excellent step counter with food intake logging and general health advice.

wellness diary

Nokia switched to Windows Phone and soon there after the Wellness Diary beta got closed with no option to keep the app running.

This is why when Nokia announced the Lumia 1520 with a step counter in Glance screen I was over come with joy, I love motion tracking apps and I just bought a Fitbit (I’m kind of mad I only found out about this app after my purchase!)

here’s some screenshots and extensive info by Nokia Beta labs team.wp_ss_20140215_0004


motion montior 1

How does Motion Monitor work:


  • Motion Monitor application runs always on in the background
  • Application uses dedicated core on Nokia Lumia 1520 and Nokia Lumia Icon to off-load sensor data processing from main processor, enabling algorithms to run using low power
  • Once the application is started it starts to track your physical activities
  • Requires 10 days to learn your average day-to-day activity, then compares a day’s activity against your whole activity history
  • Compares your activity against previous day’s activity for the first 10 days


Known limitations and issues:


  • This application works only on Nokia Lumia 1520 and Nokia Lumia Icon devices
    • Application uses specific hardware that is available only in these devices
  • Glance screen support works only if you are running the Black SW update
  • This version is only available in English
  • App uses power – but consumption is low
  • App may detect steps while inside moving car


Tips and tricks:


  • Please go through the guided tour. It will provide basic tutorial for the application
  • You can navigate in week and month views using vertical swipes
  • Tapping a given day in week and month views opens dashboard view for that day
  • You can add Motion Monitor to your Glance screen and lock screen from Motion Monitor >> Settings
  • You can reset all collected motion data from Motion Monitor >> Settings >> reset

Betalabs link

Direct Link


We understand that this app is 3 months old now, but it only came to our attention now and as we never reported it back then, it seemed fit we do now that the Lumia 1520 is actually worldwide. 🙂


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