WP 8.1 to Also bring Backgrounds for Start Screen, Browser Sync and More

| February 15, 2014 | 32 Replies


As the leaks for WP 8.1 keep coming, it starts looking better and better, this latest one from the Verge references a feature that many have been asking for, the ability to superimpose your start screen on an image; similarly to Windows 8.1. This would overall help with the unique customization of each person’s device and help make your phone more “personal”. Another possible addition to the start screen is the ability to place three columns of medium sized tiles on all devices, regardless of the screen size or resolution (under the “show more tiles option- like Windows 8.1).

Another much awaited feature is the ability to sync your IE (11) browser with that of your Windows 8.1 device, so you can have your favorites, and browsing history everywhere you go, as well as syncing open tabs. Another feature change in IE 11 will be a newly added “reading view” similar to that available in Safari on iOS/MacOS, as well as private browsing and a password manager.

One trend you”ll notice from all these features is that everything that was added to Windows 8.1 is coming to WP 8.1, more sings of the impending merger of RT with WP I presume. What do you guys think of these latest features, and the WP 8.1 update in general? It sure is shaping up to be a good one.




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