Video: WP 8.1 Running on Lumia 520 With Three Columns of Medium Tiles

| February 23, 2014 | 19 Replies

e25a914d3d8b6bba13bf165793efc121Even with plenty of new features for WP 8.1 leaked, we still haven’t seen an actual video of it running on a device… until now. Here’s a first look at 8.1 on the Lumia 520, showing off the separate volume toggles, three columns of  medium tiles and more.

Worryingly the phone seems quite slow, in contrast to the 520′s performance on WP8 which is fluid and snappy, but hopefully that’s related to an early build and will be ironed out before launch.

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  1. xAle33x says:

    Oh god! Windowslagphone! Seems a lot laggy. Ok, it’s a beta, but the performance are horrible!

  2. Sallu says:

    This clearly looks FAKE. Don’t fall over it.

  3. Alex says:

    Fake, only big screens are getting 3 columns,

  4. reker says:

    Are you kidding????? I’ll eat SHlT if it’s true.
    Can’t you see FAKE GSM NETWORK under celluar? That’s a presentation WP8 Emulator via remote desktop

  5. manu says:

    lags like hell . remembers me of old s60v5 handsets

  6. grazy says:

    Transitions seem a bit odd?

  7. allawi says:

    There is a video on that’s show lumia 920 with win 8.1

  8. Systematic Systematic says:

    After Human kind has invented a wheel somewhere in Mesopotamia, now Nokia has made epic invention of THREE ROWS – that must be what Mayan prophecy of about end of days in 2012 was meaning: they started to think in 2012 and has ended in 2014 – so the end of the World was delayed also…. Only Nokia delay was able to delay end of the World… And thanks to Mr. E. efficiency also this aspect has failed – human kind ought to thank him, perhaps?

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