NYTimes: Belfiore on WP’s Future

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In an interview with NY Times, Belfiore gives a Q&A on the Future of Windows Phone.

At MWC, Belfiore said about Nokia:

What they do as an independent company is up to them. There are some things they do that we are excited about. There are other things that we are not so excited about.

I’m sure also that there’s plenty that Nokia folks in general aren’t so excited about regarding what WP team does.

When asked about Nokia competing directly with other OEMs, Belfiore says that a healthy ecosystem is a sales opportunity for all the other partners.

Nokia already competes with those OEMs. They take up 90% of the market. If you remember, that’s pretty much why Ballmer dismissed a similar question since with Nokia they control WP completely. Belfiore is just more tactful. And of course, it is actually good thing for WP to have more partners. Whether the other partners see that is another matter.

Low cost markets are there to drive volume. The higher end phones gives an aspirational view of the pipeline. When asked about giving up, Belfiore says “We are not going anywhere”. Certainly seems like it for the past couple of years, WP team doesn’t seem to be going anywhere at all :p.

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