#WPDev: Third Party UserVoice Library and Admin App Released in Beta

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We’re all about supporting indie devs here at MNB. Often we get devs reaching out to review their apps, or promote changes etc, and we’re happy to help. (If you want us to cover your app or dev related venture, feel free to get in touch).


Anyway, a great service called UserVoice exists and allows company’s to receive feedback and bug reports about their apps and services. In fact, Windows Phone has a UserVoice  page set up for users to submit bugs and feature requests. Marco Siccardi, the talented dev of the Mix Play and Share app, as well as NFC Toolkit and TweeCoMinder, alongside several other, has been using UserVoice in his apps recently.


Like most devs, when you want something to exist, you tend to just create it. Marco found that UserVoice didn’t have an easy method to manage your UserVoice page when on the go, and as such, he made an app he calls Voices Admin. Lots of work went into the app, as well as allowing his other apps to leverage this awesome feedback solution. To save other devs the trouble of integrating the service, Marco has also released a Library that allows devs to leverage the feedback platform.

Its currently in closed beta, but if you’re interested, you just need to email Marco (email found in source link)

You can view the full press release here.




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