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MNBDSC01748 (1)Nokia N8 two tone

It has been some time since we last saw the Nokia N8. We got an email from ‘rovi’ sharing this two tone creation that reminds rovi of Tron – something the Nokia N8 featured in. Thanks for sharing!

It looks proper neat! This was done as a DIY job to change the housing by following a video online. One of those, “do at your own risk” things ;).  Not messing with the screen meant that the green trim remained, making it resemble the Tron-like lines.

Hi Jay, I’m a long time reader of MyNokiaBlog. It’s my goto for Nokia news. This past week I’ve been fondling the idea of getting a new Cellphone; my current is a green N8 I bought about 6-months after launch. It has and continues to serve me well, surviving drops, navigating, and taking stellar pictures.
My first choice is the 1020. Then I saw the 925, and then the ICON. And now I hear they’re releasing and 930, the international version of the ICON. That’s the one for me.
I digress. In an effort to update my phone and keep it around a while longer I decided to change the housing as the current one had dings and the bottom is falling off. I ordered a new housing from ebay, it arrived, and I sat down with a youtube video and began to disassemble and reassemble my phone.
A bit ok tinkering and 4 hours later, this was my completed work. At first, I didn’t want to mess with the screen so I left it with the green border. But that looked odd by itself, so I changed the buttons too. It reminds me of TRON a bit.

– roviMNBDSC01747Nokia N8 two toneCheers rovi!



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