build 2014 is Tomorrow; What to Expect!

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microsoft-build-day-twoAfter months of anxious waiting, weeks of teasing leaks and countless false alarms and rumors we’re finally on the eve of build 2014. Tomorrow is the day Microsoft will take the stage and hopefully blow us away with the upcoming WP 8.1 update, so here’s what we should expect so far.

  • Windows Phone 8.1 Official announcement (Duh!)
  • New Windows Phone 8.1 devices (from both Samsung and Nokia)
  • Some new apps?
  • Updates for existing apps


Onto the finer details, as we’ve mentioned them and discussed them several times there’s no point going into the specifics of the WP 8.1 update, but in broad strokes we expect to see:

Nokia-Lumia-630In terms of the expected Nokia and Samsung devices, according to the rumors Samsung will be releasing (or at least announcing) a WP 8.1 device similar to the Nokia icon (5″ screen 1080p etc.), although it’s not clear if it’s coming tomorrow or not. Nokia also have their own announcement where they plan on unveiling “more lumias”; according to our source we will probably see the Lumia 630 (above) as well as the Lumia 930 (possibly what leaked before as the 1520 mini?). There have been however rumors that the 930 *might* have been delayed a bit, but we haven’t heard of anything of the sort from our source.

In terms of new apps, since build is essentially a developers conference there’s sure to be some big name devs present, surely some that Microsoft want to show off. So perhaps we’ll finally see Flipboard for Windows Phone (given how its been available for Window 8 for a while now). Or perhaps an official Tinder app, or other popular big name apps (tango?).

Given how one of the new features in WP 8.1 is the ability to set a new messaging app as the “default” app, we’re sure to see some big name apps updated to support this feature; hopefully Whatsapp will be amongst those, showing off the much leaked beta with custom tones, backgrounds, and much much more. We might even see a Skype update to support these new features and perhaps an overdue update to Viber messenger.

Unfortunately though MNB won’t have any boots on the ground (given how we don’t have anyone in the San Francisco area), but we will try our best to keep you covered and updated with all the new happenings of build 2014!



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