WP Marketshare Now 9.7% in Europe, 5.3% in US; Losses in China & Japan

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Lumia FamilyAlthough WP has secured the 3rd OS position, after getting the upper hand over BBOS it still has quite a long way to go to catch up with the big dogs, but it has continued its slow growth slowly raising its marketshare in both Europe and the United States. As of February 2014 (according to Kantar), WP now makes up 9.7% of the OS market share in Europe, as well as 5.3% of that in the USA. It showed some particularly nice gains in Italy, Spain and the UK (as seen below), however it also saw some slight loss in numbers in Asia; specifically China and Japan.

  • Gained 1.2% for new total of 5.3% in the USA
  • Gained 2.1% for new total of 7.4% in Germany
  • Gained 3.4% for new total of 10.1% in GB
  • Lost 0.3% for new total of 1.0% in China
  • Lost 0.2% for new total of 0.2% in Japan
  • Gained 4.2% for new total of 16.1% in Italy
  • Gained 3.9% for new total of 4.7% in Spain

These losses in China probably aren’t going to be helped by the recent launch (and success?) of the Nokia X which competes directly with the Lumia 520’s price point (which is the best selling Lumia worldwide). Of course we’ll still wait and see how that affects the numbers, but 5.3% in the US still sounds very underwhelming, hopefully WP 8.1 and the new 8.1 Lumias will help with that.

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