Faster OS updates, and even more awesomeness in WP8.2 / WP9 launching in 8 months?

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Woah, woah, woah, hold on there. WP9/8.2? We’ve only just made WP8.1 official.

But since it is official, this means, well – we need a new thing to have rumours and snippets about. To be fair, it was already under way by the time WP8.1 was in people’s ears.

This news comes by way of Reddit. Sure, simple enough for any anonymous ‘Microsoft employee’ to make things up. But the usually cautious WPC has reported in on it (though it isn’t by Rubino who usually quashes false rumours on the web about WP).

Anyway, the salient points?

  • Software cycles faster. 6-8 months.
  • Major updates every year or 2 (major as in? WP8 to WP9 or Microsoft’s perception of major aka the one that came with Amber?) Let’s resize them tiles!
  • WP8.2 / 9 is said to be launching in as soon as 8 months. I don’t even have Nokia Black yet on the 1020 let alone Nokia Cyan when WP8.1 becomes available.
  • What’s most interesting is a quote picked up on what we’re going to see “OMFG you are going to pop a boner”.  It’s that stimulating huh?
  • Password to bypass inner circle. That feature where if you mute things, important people still go through? Like a text that might say a key word. e.g. knock knock. What if someone activates that by accident?
  • More video services beyond Skype in the future.
  • New facebook app. Decentralization of Facebook in the people hub may be reversed by 8.2

Source: Reddit

Via: WPC

Cheers Keith for the tip!



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