Damian Dinning on the Nokia Lumia 1020 successor – @PhoneDaz’s imaging wish list.

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Do you remember when Damian Dinning mentioned that there were some features that didn’t make the cut in the final Nokia Lumia 1020? As an ex-Nokia Imaging Guru guy, Damian would know much about Nokia’s capabilities and what was then on the pipeline. Over on twitter, he’s been musing about its successor. It’s been almost a year since that July 11 announcement. There hasn’t been any public info/leaks regarding it.

The first began last night but it is an o going ‘wish list’ with the last being from a few minutes ago. He says he genuinely doesn’t know what it is.

Damian asks what he’d like to see.

  • Out of curiosity, what would your wish list be for a 1020 successor? Here are a few of mine… Disclaimer: genuinely don’t know what it is.
  • Larger display. Faster shot to shot and AF. AF during video. More manual controls in video, e.g. Exposure.
  • Removable micro sd cards. Video editing e.g. Effects from creative studio. High frame rate video. Sweep panorama.
  • Still capture during video capture. Frame zoom a la 808, but smoother. No OIS pre capture, makes it hard to frame precisely.
  • Man controls in lenses and/or lens functions in main camera. E.g. Love refocus but no controls.
  • Also want to manually set the focus point in refocus. Closer focus but will make camera slightly bigger
  • And to pick up from earlier…. 4k video for future proofing for some and newer displays for those that them. Ability to use zoom in lenses.
  • Agree with many others, HDR mode integrated to Nokia camera. Panorama integrated there too rather than separate lens.
  • Similar to iPhone and Nokia way of changing between video, stills & smart seq would like panorama and refocus or refocus added as….
  • …as extension of focus setting.
  • Definitely miss a counter indicating remaining shots /video time available when memory reaches certain level….
  • ….Just low memory warning is not helpful enough.
  • I’d also like a multi-spot metering selection like a few film cameras used to many years ago. Simply tap on each area of the screen.
  • Resulting exposure based on average of each area. If needed hdr used automatically.
  • Shade white balance setting and more natural camera settings. Much better in black but still sometimes it’s a little too saturated for me.
  • Audio settings to be available for BT not just wired.
  • Of course the 930’s surround sound recording capabilities.
  • Now Nokia mobile and MSFT are one, I’d really like to see post capture controls to be available in the default full screen view rather…
  • ..rather than having to ‘view in Nokia camera’ to access those. Takes away the spontaneity.

Any wish list from your side? Perhaps that laser focus as with the LG G3 as noted by vikas?


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