Jolla Launcher Alpha Release – Sailfish Launcher on Android

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  • Open phone via Jolla lock screen
    • observe time and other indicators
    • use pulley menu to quickly mute the device or open phone/settings /camera application
  • Start Android applications from Jolla application grid
  • Swipe back to home from any application
  • See Running applications in application covers
    • application cover shows partly screen capture of Android application
  • Go back to application by pressing it’s cover
  • Select Ambience from Ambience menu
    • some preselected Ambiences are provided
  • With top swipe you can get access to Android events view
    • Android status bar is normally hidden on the launcher
  • Jolla Launcher UI tutorial
    • First time when started, there is a tutorial to learn the basics of Jolla Launcher UI

Jolla Launcher is based on Sailfish OS Update 7 level code & functionality.

Known issues

This release of Jolla Launcher includes the Home screen and lock screen from Sailfish OS, without the Events view. Events and notification “hints” are shown on Jolla Launcher lock screen, and events can be accessed via regular Android notification bar accessible via swiping from top of screen.

  • SIM PIN query dialog/window may be hidden during device startup, but it should appear at some point
  • Sometimes only way to go back to call UI during active call is via Android events view (swiping from top of the screen and pressing active call event)
  • No Android application uninstallation from Jolla home
    • Applications can be removed from Jolla application grid, but they are not uninstalled from the Android system
  • Random freezes and crashes can occur from time to time
  • Screen capture on covers is updated after swiping second time to home from application
    • Sometimes /in some devices screen captures don’t work reliably

How to get involved

Jolla Launcher can be installed via Google Play. You will get a link to installation if you have been selected to the alpha release testing group.

How to report bugs

Please report issues via
Always include jolla-launcher tag to your report.

For those who didn’t catch it, here’s Michael’s Jolla Launcher demo on the Nexus 5.

According to Michael’s pic, it crashes on the S5 and One M8

Via Jolla / @JollaHQ


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