Avoiding car accidents with Connected Cars, HERE and Nokia networks

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In an event of an accident, connected cars can dramatically improve safety by telling other cars what’s going on so on coming cars can avoid becoming part of the originl accident. Other drivers eyes don’t need to wait to see the accident before hand.

Whilst LTE is getting more prominent and providing faster connections, there’s still the delay from sending data out and having to receive it. So, having an element of Locality vs Cloud helps. Nokia Networks can deploy applications directly to the base stations. These base stations aren’t just ‘dumb transmitters’ but powerful, mobile computers in their own right (who red Mobile Compyutars in OPK’s voice?). Nokia calls this ability “Liquid Applications”Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 18.35.15

This means emergency messages can get to the connected car in less than 50ms in some situations.

As well as controlling cars, I guess HERE/NN could help with autonomous traffic control itself – as it can use the data to control the traffic flow, reducing congestion, traffic/travel times and redirecting any blocked routes.

Source: 360

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