Nokia 808 PureView/Lumia 1020’s met a match? 1 inch sensor in hump filled Panasonic Camera hybrid. No xenon flash?

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We’ve been having a discussion about the camera hump and whether we’d see something along the likes of the 808’s sensor again given the push towards the anorexic phones.

The new iPhone 6 showed that despite trying to be thin, it could not achieve the camera quality it wanted without also having a bump.

Now, today, Panasonic has launched what could finally be a match for Nokia’s 808 PureView or Nokia Lumia 1020.

This has a beastly 1 inch sensor capturing 20MP. Smartphones have eaten away the compact camera market, and Nokia’s devices like the 808 PureView and Lumia 1020 have shown you can get stellar quality in a mobile phone that can beat even dedicated counterparts.

There’s a fixed f/2.8 Leica DC Elmarit lens equivalent to 28mm. There’s also a manual focus ring. 16GB storage + microSD for expansion up to 128GB.

The front is a 1080p 4.7″ screen powered by a Quadcore Snapdragon 801

It weighs in as 205g and is 21mm thick. Design wise, it’s really more camera first, though, I think it’s quite nicely designed as a camera. The already humpy 808 was 17.95mm at the hump. The 1020 was 14.5mm at the hump (10mm elsewhere).

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In many ways it’s to be expected. Android is turning up everywhere so they can just put Android on a DSLR and have phone functionality and call it a camera phone.

Price may be the main factor that puts people off as it’s 900 Euros.

Although there have been other Android dedicated cameras, this is probably the one that interests me most. Samsung’s zoom phones, whilst adding zoom, didn’t add that much more in terms of quality. Panasonic’s device seems to be quite a solid contender.

Also is it me or does it only have a xenon flash? Commenters make a point that it seems to only have LED? Is there an external attachment or internal pop up flash?

Source: Engadget / TheVerge


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