Microsoft’s recipe for the Perfect Smartwatch

| September 23, 2014 | 2 Replies

Microsoft_Smartwatch_AppsThe other day another Windows smartwatch render appeared, showing off a square design with a Windows Phone like interface and multiple flashy colors. The Render called the OS “Microsoft Wear”, designed for wearables; and brings Cortana and all of Windows Phone to your wrist.

This inspired me to post an editorial/rant about what Microsoft need to do to get in the smartwatch race, especially since they’ve already fallen behind (once again) in the race to the next frontier.

Check out the full editorial, as well as more renders of this new smartwatch over at GeekonGadgets, at the link below:

Here are a couple choice sentences from my post, my mos important thought that the primary function of a smartwatch should be telling time, not just being another phone on my wrist:

A watch on your wrist should do one thing very well, and that’s keep time; anything else is a bonus. That being said if it does happen to do anything extra it should follow two more rules:

  1. It shouldn’t get in the way of the original purpose (telling time)
  2. It should also do the secondary objectives well

Of course I mentioned the plague of all smartwatches currently, battery life; where most hardly make it a day or two, and for me that it simply unacceptable, as a dead watch is useless (short of a fashion statement).

In essence if I want a smart-watch on my wrist, I don’t want it to be a phone with a circular display, I want it to be a watch, first and foremost; then have some other really nice features that I’ll actually use.

Head over to GeekonGadgets and read the full article, and be sure to share your thoughts on the smartwatch race, what do you think Microsoft have to do to win the smartwatch race, or at least to be taken as a serious competitor (besides releasing a watch SOON)

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