Video: Nokia Lumia 1520 vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus

| September 25, 2014 | 10 Replies

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The two giants from Nokia and Apple are compared, not on the usual spec sheet thing but on other details.

  • Although larger with a bigger 6″ screen, we’re told that the 1520 doesn’t feel that much bigger. There’s more bezel top and bottom.
  • There’s multiple options to grip the 1520 but no usability/flexibility with the iPhone 6 plus (oh iPhone 6 is super flexible :p)
  • Speaker on the 1520 nicer.
  • Can’t zoom as effectively on iPhone.
  • iPhone still mono audio (1520 does focused stereo) or with 4 microphones do surround sound with far more advanced noise reduction
  • Nokia phones crush iPhone when recording in concert.
  • Battery life: Pretty similar
  • Lumia plastic – it’s this colour so light scratches – plastic remains that colour. Wear and tear doesn’t show (even Nokia’s aluminium – their anodized aluminium was that colour all the way through – e.g. N8). Already noticable scratches on iPhone.
  • Love the rocker switch, wants more people to ripp off palm trio.
  • Memory card on 1520.
  • Tap to wake features – from ‘other’ manufacturers are great.
  • NFC share – to anything on 1520. Apple is locked to apple pay.
  • I love how he jokes about how some reviewers when reviewing screens of identical resolution calls the smaller one better as the pixels are tighter and have more detail. They show the same detail! Unless you put your nose against it, there’s not that much of a difference.
  • Max brightness of iPhone in manual setting better than 1520, but 1520 can match this brightness when outdoors (it gets super bright and changes contrast/colours for that added outdoor visibility – plus CBD).
  • WiFi radio – immediately ‘scoops’ fastest download capability with iPhone but Nokia gradually scoops up to maximum.
  • In the end, it comes down to the ecosystem you prefer.
  • The reviewer still isn’t convinced on phablets, the usability or lack of it, of having to stretch (I guess, possibly with other phablets that utilise the space better, it would be like having a much more compact tablet as it utilises the space better rather than a stretched phone).



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