Beta programme invites for Office on WindowsPhone out to testers – please actually be useful on WP #officelove

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Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 17.21.52A couple of months back, Microsoft registered the interest of their consumers regarding the testing of future versions of office.

Today, the first round of invites are being sent out for testers of Tablet/PC/Phone version of office.

Fingers crossed office actually becomes useful and productive on Windows Phone. I am quite surprised how much of a joke creating word documents are on Windows Phone. I hate that the document isn’t how it appears, rather a squished view for phones (two option views would be great. Phone optimised but actual real document view too).

I hate that the editing feature is super basic. I can’t create bullet points in Word (though I can in one note :/). Signing into office 365 (I recently bought the  student version as it made 4 years of OneDrive instantly cheaper – office 2013 for PC is pretty nice, as is the iPad version). There’s also no point trying to open super large word documents on my Lumia. I have to convert them to PDF to have any chance of opening and reading them. And this is Microsoft’s OWN OS with their OWN OFFICE.

Please, can those certain avid WP super fans see this as wanting improvements in WP and not merely bashing? I just see it frustrating that Pages/Numbers on an iPhone/iPad mini be more useful, usable and productive than built in office suite on my Windows Phone! Gah! At least now as of some recent updates we can actually open protected documents :/

Look at this. I mean LOOK at this!

This demo from two years ago. Nothing has changed really. Look at that awful view in word!

Here’s a great demo comparing Office on Android and iOS by our very own D. Harries.

According to this, Nokia has been teasing the next version in something called #officelove?

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 17.22.59

But this could be something else..hmm..

“8/10 relationships start in the office.”. Today is 8/10 but it could also be a statistic.

Source: WinBeta via NeoWin and WinPhan

Cheers Alvester for the tip!


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