Microsoft Band Finally Here; a Fitness Centered Smart”Band” for $199

| October 30, 2014 | 3 Replies


Today Microsoft announced the “Microsoft Band”, not a smartwatch; but a fitness band that does a little more than tracking your heart rate; the smartband is meant to be worn along with your watch; to help keep your life in track. Most importantly the smartband links to Android, iOS and WP devices; meaning you can use it and sync it to your phone, no matter what OS you use.

The band can track your heart-rate, UV rays exposure, workouts, calories and more; as well as providing some extra functions such as giving you notifications, syncing with Cortana taking calls and a few more essentials; it’s not made to replace your phone, or your watch.

The Band has a two day battery and is available for purchase now at the Microsoft Online store, or from tomorrow from the physical retail stores.

Anyone want one?

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