MJF: Why go windows in a platform neutral Microsoft?

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Over at ZDNet, Mary Jo Foley addresses a growing concern amongst those who use Windows, particularly on a phone. If Microsoft are catering their services to everyone equally, and in a few instances, pandering to Apple and Google first, what’s the point in using their OS? The backlash comes after users are getting tired of being the second/third/fourth/forgotten class citizen.

As we said before, In Satya Nadella’s Cloud First, Mobile First, WindowsPhone comes second. Or Third. Or Last. Which ever fits.

Microsoft exclusives for WP are available elsewhere and cross platform apps get updated elsewhere first. Sway, Microsoft’s new presentation app, is on iOS first, before both Windows and Windows Phone.

Some people suggested than in naming the new Windows, Microsoft should drop the name completely. Whilst the most popular OS, it still has the stigma with some of being the buggy, slow, constantly freezing OS. MJF neatly contemplates that Microsoft

“is so intent on proving it’s not the Windows company any more that it’s leaving Windows users out to dry.”

Over on Reddit they’re still angry over office for iOS. WP Redditors love WindowsPhone but feel like it’s a constant waiting game.

There may be a gem, should windows users hold out long enough. Microsoft may be holding all their cards tight to bring all their big new features together (honestly, I prefer the small releases every so often bringing something nice regularly). Windows 10 is super important to Microsoft. First to the desktop but eventually on mobile too. If it succeeds in taking over Windows 7’s popularity, then we can hopefully assume to be back in the good books regarding getting attention for Microsoft’s own mobile platform.

Tech moves fast. Make people wait long enough and you get left behind. The only way to come back is with a knockout product. Microsoft makes some great ones but it’ll take a lot of faith to hope they get everything right in W10.

Even avid Microsofty, MJF has been musing the possibility of going to a different platform because the one she’s used to doesn’t have a new offering. With regards to switching platforms:

However, if there aren’t any shiny new Windows 10/Windows phone 10 toys by the first part of next year, it may be a realistic prospect.

This isn’t shut up and ship anymore. We could argue that MS is focusing on the larger market. Understandable. But it doesn’t help users who have made the decision to go with Microsoft and their ecosystem. Yes, some are plainly aware that the app situation isn’t as rosy, but the last thing they probably thought would happen is Microsoft’s own set of services would actually be at a disadvantage on their own platform. It certainly is a slap in the face to loyal consumers as a WP fan at InfoWorld writes:

…that’s not fair

A commenter at the above link does point out (and something we agree with) that iOS users have an excellent alternative to Office. Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote! Windows users already use office and for the most part on WP are limited to office. They can’t switch to an alternative. Likewise, Android has google docs. To stay relevant, perhaps that’s why they’re targeting the competition in this way.




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