GSM Arena: Nokia Lumia 830 Review “Shinning Bright!”

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GSM Arena was always one of the few places that was giving Nokia a fair chance in their reviews. You could sense the soft spot present for Nokia and you could feel this sadness in the reviews reflecting back on the news that Nokia smartphones were to be no more.

In their Nokia Lumia 830 review, their first sentence tugs at heart strings of Nokia fans:

Nokia Lumia 830 is probably the last smartphone to wear the iconic Nokia logo, five letters with so much history behind.

Whilst that may be the case for at least a bit over a year, what we know from the Nokia N1 is that it looks likely that we will see a Nokia N something phone. Hopefully, whilst designed by Nokia it will also have qualities of Nokia in innovation and design that we are also looking forward to in the Nokia-less Lumia series (which has the team of Nokians creating it)

Anyway, on to the review – summary of the first three pages:


  1. vivid screen, a PureView camera and a snappy chipset behind an even snappier Windows Phone.
  2. Serious thought in the design: gorgeously looking phone with solid build.
  3. flagship-worthy design
  4. great grip and overall positive feel when handling it.
  5. we have already fallen in love with the design and build
  6. Screen: provides excellent sharpness and great image quality.
  7. Colors are very punchy, with deep blacks, and viewing angles are very good too (I thought that too, and was somewhat surprised by this especially with some comments saying the screen wasn’t that good)
  8. detect fingers even through winter gloves
  9. Color rendering is very good and, as an added bonus, you can tweak the white balance and saturation to your liking.
  10. over two and a half days and do an hour each of calling, web browsing, and watching videos each day, and still have some left in the tank.


  1. Snapdragon 400 chipset is somewhat dated now (“delivers a so-so performance on Android smartphones…lightweight Windows Phone will chug along happily on that sort of hardware”)
  2. Screen: one weak spot of the display is the black levels, which are not as great as on AMOLED, but the overall contrast is still quite good

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Check out the rest of the review:

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