WindowsPhone has the best instagram app for posting pictures and handling multiple accounts #6tag

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PicsPlay_1418462692168Remember WindowsPhone and the hassle of the will it won’t it ever get Instagram?  What happened when it finally arrived? They’re was some excitement in terms of a “finally,  that will stop person X moaning about missing insta stopping WP as a platform choice”.

But WP fans already had their thirst quenched by multiple 3rd party work around options. some uploaded directly or indirectly… I forget all the options but at the time,  there was at least 4 that  I tried successfully so the’s probably more now.


from Digital Trends

Instance from Daniel Gary (instance is the new name right? ) and of course 6tag from Rudy Huyn are the two most notable.  Those were really good apps.  When the official WP app came in beta,  I didnt need to leave 6tag.  I just used the beta app for my cat,  though it was easier to manage any multiple accounts using 6tag. Plus,  I could save photos,  change theme,  upload uncropped pics,  find pictures in gallery that are linked to 6tag and that user’s account  (a WP thing that shows in gallery what ‘took’ the picture)  and easily scroll down a user’s photos without having to click back.  There’s probably a few more that 6tag does and likely other apps may offer more things but the combination 6tag has makes it an amazing instagram app for WP.

It wasnt until I came to Android that I realised I can’t download a third party app anywhere as nice as 6tag. Those expectations aside,  I can’t even have any third party app to do uploads.  After researching app recommendations I came across one for kindle but all the reviews moaned that they cannot upload!  What surprised me most was how I was encountering articles payed a few days ago that told me iOS can’t upload via 3rd party apps either .

BTW,  part and parcel of my uploads (well,  my cat mostly ) was photo editors.  I never realised how good I had it with the likes of Fantasia Painter until I tried Androids options.  There are soo many awful ones recommended in the top 10 with abysmal UIs from a 1990s IT school.

Just thought I’d share. Perhaps the article in the second screenshot is wrong and I’m missing the obvious alternatives.  For now,  it just struck me as mildly interesting that after being starved of instagram,  WindowsPhone seems to have the best options… At least for uploading photos,  managing multiple accounts and what I felt were perks like saving photos and being able to browse an account so easily.  With all the negativity on wp lately,  I think it’s good to try and look at some of the positives (and on the app side too).  I’ve highlighted a few in my previous post where I talk about my android experiences so this isn’t about complaining about Android either, but to express something I’m learning about the platforms (I’m writing this out on the Note 4… Gah,  1 hour screen time since this morning ate 30% of my battery :0).








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