Camera Hump is in fashion: ASUS makes their own ‘Nokia Lumia 1020’ with Zenfone zoom

| January 5, 2015 | 14 Replies

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Ah, it’s good to see the trend of slimmer phones isn’t making manufacturers give up in the camera department where usually, higher quality cameras or zooms (optical kind) need more space.

Nokia famously destroyed the megapixel race with the humptastic Nokia 808 PureView (though there were some signs of things to come as seen by N8).

The blogosphere world was then treated to the perfect combo then of smartphone and cameraphone in the Nokia Lumia 1020 which unfortunately still has no successor and no whiff of any rumours.

There has been some work happening though in the Android field. The latest today sees ASUS joining the hump crowd and this one in particular looking like a lumia focused camera with that circular camera portion. I don’t know if this juts out. I’m not sure about the sensor size either.

Another Android camera phone that caught my eye is the honor 6. It has a similar dual camera set up like the original HTC One but these dual 8mp cameras actually seem to produce really good pictures. So good in fact that readers have speculated they might be fake (the same was said about N8/808/1020).

Samsung has made two iterations of a zoom camera phone but both were super bulky. This one looks more pocket friendly (any info on dimensions?).

I like ASUS and their different product lines that really try and innovate. Fingers crossed this one is more 808 and less HTC One in terms of hype and performance.


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