Jolla tells us why updating their Sailfish OS really pays off!

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Folks at the official blog for Jolla want you to know that updating Sailfish OS really pays off.

They want you to know that at Jolla, they work differently to other mobile OS devs.

We think and operate in an iterative way, meaning that our development is a continuous flow of ideas, updates, fixes, new features, user feedback and software releases.

As a user this means you get to enjoy a continuous flow of frequent software update release (versus waiting months and months and months …”soon…soon…belle…soon” hahaha) This means you can have the best softare available at the time. There is an on going user feedback which means Jolla can react faster to what you guys are saying.


Of course, there’s also the notion that updating your OS makes your mobile experience better. The latest update from Jolla is actually the 15th Sailfish update.

Here’s a highlights of some of the main features that came with each update.

Private Browsing – Aaslakkajärvi Browse the web without generating browsing history files on your device.

IMAP push support – Äijänpäivänjärvi Receive instant notifications of received email also with IMAP accounts (previously only Exchange)

Customisable Ambience highlight colour – Yliaavanlampi Go to Gallery -> Ambiences to change the highlight color of your ambience. Read all about this here.

New Browser User Interface – Yliaavanlampi Read all about this here.

The Weather app – Yliaavanlampi Read more about this here.

Maps overlays: Night, Satellite, Car, Public transport – Vaarainjärvi 

Flip to silence – Vaarainjärvi Flip your phone screen down to silence an incoming call, calendar call or snooze an alarm. The same actions with a quick tap on the power key!

Power key tricks – Vaarainjärvi Double tap the power key to make the device request the device lock code next time you open the screen.

Double tap the power key when locked to go straight to open apps in the Home view (provided you don’t have a device lock code) Read all about this here.

Share clipboard (copy-paste functionality) between Android and native SailfishOS apps – Vaarainjärvi

Save passwords to Browser – Vaarainjärvi You can choose to save your passwords of log-in fields in the Browser.

Sailfish Utilities – Vaarainjärvi Not a new feature as such, but in order to download this system maintenance tool your software needs to be at Read all about this here.

Edit single occurance of a recurring event in Calendar – Vaarainjärvi 

Search option in Media player app – Vaarainjärvi Search for media, albums and artists  from the pulley menu in different views of the app

Automatically save draft emails on page exit – Vaarainjärvi 

Dedicated covers for Android apps in Home view – Tahkalampi 

Set separate sync schedules per email account – Tahkalampi 

Add shortcuts to webpages in the app launcher area – Tahkalampi 

Privacy settings for Browser – Saapunki Removing browsing data and being able to configure “Do Not Track” settings. Read more about this here.

Personalized Lock Screen pulley menu – Saapunki Launch applications straight from the Lock Screen! Add applications in Settings -> System -> Shortcuts

Folders in app Launcher – Saapunki Arrange your installed applications into nifty folders.

4G (LTE) – Saapunki

And there’s more to come! Look out for some very exciting changes coming soon! 


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