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party20150729_193647windows10Yesterday was Windows 10’s Launch Party. I thought it was going to be a smallish affair with maybe 80 people max but there were like 700 or so folks enjoying the night plus staff.


It was like a mini Microsoft World kinda thing with little booths for different Microsoft things.party20150729_193711windows10

The dell one was so nice.


I missed the start of the party so by the time I got there, everyone was already inside, dispersed around the party. I didn’t know who was coming or where any of them were. party20150729_193739windows10I did the default and began taking photos. A guy came over excited and said “is that the new Windows…” and then sighed when he realised it was an Android Note 4. I had the 1520 also which I felt did a much better job with the photos (really should have used that for the main photos – though it was used for videos. We’ll have to wait another time as my internet is too slow for video upload)


Fortunately whilst wandering the vastness of this party, feeling a bit alone amongst all these people, James from Lumia Voices introduced himself.


I had been emailing back and forth with James but didn’t realise that’s the guy I’d been chatting to. I thought it might have been someone else I knew from before but they grew their hair, that’s why I didn’t recognise them. It wasn’t too long before we saw Tommy aka @GadgetsBoy who was with Sammy (not sure I spelt that right) and Michael from WMPU. party20150729_202546windows10Nirave was also there – a frequent face I saw across many of Nokia’s past events, he’s now doing really well in the Android scene. It seems I didn’t get to take a snap with James :/. But here’s James in the back with GB.



Towards the middle of the evening, they brought the music act on stage. Ireland’s 7th biggest hip hop band they joked around and they were actually a lot of fun! Their first song was to freestyle based on weird things you brought either in bags and pockets. The weirdest item gets a goodie bag. Oooh what’s inside? A Windows tablet or laptop? I could definitely do with one of those! hahaha.Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 19.06.30

Since I had just come from work, I still had my work bag which had my stethoscope.party20150729_203602windows10I thought that was a pretty random thing to have at a launch party as a guest.

I thought it might have been too weird as the singer kept avoiding it! Until the very end where he not only took the stethoscope and began rapping about it…

(I wondered why this picture was suddenly clearer then realised, this is from a snap by the 1520..)



..but after that he asked me to go on stage. Yikes! He brought three others on and started a song with the repeating lyrics “Party at Jay’s House”

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 19.26.05

Whilst on stage, I was very shocked to see Rafe Blandford, another ever awesome and friendly face in the crowd. All this time I was just thinking “This is weird! This is Awesome! Woah, Rafe is there!!”. After the song ended and receiving so much attention (kudos! Kinda felt nice haha) we (three others and I) were directed to our goodie bags of some Microsoft and Windows branded every day things! Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 19.07.24

I got a tweet from Sergejs – professional journalist now but he used to write with us at MNB and attended many Nokia events too tweeted that he wanted to catch me for a drink. I didn’t know he was there too! Ace! Although the journey was like 9 hours for 90 or so minutes, it was completely worth it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 19.08.06

I couldn’t stay long as I had to catch my last train that would get me back in time for work. 30 minutes longer and I’d end up having a 5 hour stop and work in the same clothes as the previous day.

Adios Windows and Thanks for the Invite LumiaVoices team ^_^ Super, super awesome to meet everyone again! That really made the whole thing for me. Connecting People and Putting People First – the thing that interests me most about Nokia and Windows Phone.


Now onto the goodie bag!

Bing canvas bag…


Water bottle…keep hydratedpartyIMG_2888goodiebag

Laptop bag. No laptop. What a tease ;p :p 😛partyIMG_2889goodiebag

Umbrella. It’s tiny so great to store in my bag for emergenciespartyIMG_2890goodiebag

Windows of course. Reminds me I had a Nokia one but that went missing. People love to borrow my umbrellas.partyIMG_2891goodiebag

Windows Notebook. Haha, I would have loved the alternative kind of Windows Notebook too MS, hint hint hahaha :p :p. Something like that dell up above there. Probably slimmer too.partyIMG_2893goodiebag

Perfect for my morning coffee. Nice thick cup to keep in bag.


In-Ear phones. I think generic, not actual Microsoft product of any sort. Hence Windows branding.

These shirts were free to everyone at the door.partyIMG_2896goodiebag

Thanks again Lumia Voices crew and the guy who picked me and the three others in the crowd to participate and win some goodies 😀


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