Video: Nokia 5G and Controlling Machines

| November 27, 2016 | Reply


Here’s an interesting practical demo of what the 5G Nokia is developing aims to offer. It’s more than being a better mobile network so you can stream immense amount of data (8K in 3D anyone?) or control a load of IoTs.

High capacity and low latency

The faster speeds mean less latency between communicating devices. In the demonstration, we can see robots being able to cooperate faster at balancing a ball on a plate. In real life, this could mean a tighter control of a larger number of drones or automated cars or remote surgery – something which is absolutely critical when the reaction times of these be involve safety of human lives.


4G really is already (if you can get coverage) good enough to match or even rival home broadband. Could 5G just eclipse the need for home WiFi or would there just be even crazier speeds offered?

Hopefully for mobile users, there’ll also be an advancement in data caps (all you can eat, like on ThreeUK, should be standard). Otherwise, it could be that you’ll use up all your data in less time it takes for you to blink.




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