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On Reddit’s Front Page is a cute little gif starring our star, the Nokia 3310.

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My SGS6 can barely last half a working day sometimes (random updates here and there either kill it or make it last about a day). Poor battery life is just something we’re accepting. screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-22-18-22Reddit’s reminiscing about the good old days when you really didn’t fear all that much about using your phone all day.  There wasn’t a need to constantly plug in or carry a portable charger (were these even commercially available back then?). The champion of the good old days of course is Nokia. Even though the Nokia brand isn’t on this phone, everyone knows what this is.

The thread on reddit is flooded with good old memories about Nokia. This is the kind of thing that Nokia needs to capitalise on. Iconic design, durability, endurance. Then build on that.

Sure, smartphones do more so require more power. They’ve got bigger batteries to compensate. The stock 3310 housed about 900-950mAh (higher capacity up to a ‘crazy’ 1300mAh available from third parties). 3000mAh (for me anyway) is the new minimum standard now.

Software optimisations and battery research could help, but a quicker way is to avoid attempting to flog another slim phone. Could you manage an 8 or 9mm phone if the battery life lasted more than a day? I’m sure the slim 6 or 7mm phone is around about 1cm anyway after that protective rubber case or even fatter in a wallet style. Another mention for my secondary phone, my X2 has 5000mAh. It’s the first smartphone I’ve used in such a long time where I don’t really worry about having to charge it up again whilst I’m at work, heck even on a full day.

Imagine 5000mAh in a Nokia 3310! Imagine user replaceable batteries becoming the standard again 😛 (Hi, G5).

The Mediapad X2 is 7.2mm thin but that’s because it has a huge 7 inch display. That probably wouldn’t attract the masses going down that route for bigger battery but that could be an option to stretch somewhat in that direction too.

Hopefully the new Nokia smartphones will pave the way for fresh Nokia legends to be born.

Mini Quiz for anyone paying attention: What’s the highest battery capacity Nokia has made for a consumer purchasable device?

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