Intel invests in Nokia’s ditched HERE

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Once one of the key reasons behind major decisions at Nokia at such critical points of distruption….? HERE.

This platform was initially NAVTEQ, a Nokia purchase for 8 billion (yes, more than what MS bought the entire D&S division) which turned to Nokia maps then Ovi Maps then back to Nokia maps before becoming, HERE (with the mobile app being called ‘HereWeGo”).

As you know was sold off to the big manufacturing guns of luxury German cars (for 3 billion). HERE provided maps for a wide range of clients including MS, bing, facebook, yahoo, the majority of car navigation systems, Amazon and Oracle.

Here was an understandable target for the German consortium of Mercedes/Audi and BMW (Uber was also rumoured given their push for self driving taxis).

In a world where location was becoming ever more important with automated driving cars are already on the streets, the team are joined by Intel (seemingly seeking to keep themselves relevant in the years to come ahead a shrinking PC market. With a 15% stake, Intel are focusing on cars as next most intelligent and connected devices. As the giant silicon provider, there’s a lot of expertise that Intel can provide.

Of course, Nokia can still indirectly provide the network for the communication between all of these cars and their surroundings. What a different world it could have been though if all those great Nokia plans with all of these connected devices could have been orchestrated directly with Nokia.


Source: Intel

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