Nokia’s 2017 competition’s gonna be tough – Asus Zenfone 3 with 5000mAh battery!

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When we heard Nokia was officially coming back to smartphones, one of the (many) things we had wished for was better battery in today’s smartphones. I’ve been spoilt recently by an interim phablet I was using that had a monster 5000mAh (albeit strapped to a 7 inch screen). It was a dream having a phone I use all day and have charge to run the same constant use the next!

ASUS have squashed in 5000mAh on this 5.5″ device. The screen is ‘only’ 1080p but that would probably help the battery life go even further. Moreover it uses a very battery friendly Qualcomm 625 with Adreno 506 GPU. Not exactly blistering speeds but 2GHz Quadcore should be more than ok. It would be great to see someone pair up a beefy flagship with a huge battery. This phone should be one of the most battery friendly phones out there just short of those candybar Nokia handsets but it sort of feels like a slight bit of compromise going for the lower res screen and the ‘weaker’ qualcomm offering.

Dimensions on this thing was difficult to find on a quick google search but GSM Arena states this is 7.83mm. That’s only 0.63mm thicker than my X2 which spreads the whole contents over a 7″ screen + bezels! The zoom bit isn’t like the old zenfone zoom with 3x optical. Instead it uses a similar trick ala iPhone 7, dropping down to 2.3x zoom over 2 lenses.

Also interesting is Zenfone AR. 8GB RAM. 8. E.I.G.H.T.!


Unapologetically iPhone like set up there.

ASUS – I really love this brand as a technology company. They always usually bring out something that’s pretty cool.  The ZenFone 3 was originally quite interesting given that Lumia 1020 esque look and also going for that zoom photography.

Learning points from this announcement, Nokia and HMD. Amidst all the hoo-haa about specs of these devices, what will the general public remember? What will they care about? (Remember the first 41MP Nokia phone and instead of most being in awe, the misguided public were like, oh it’s not all about MP, even though Nokia did acknowledge that themselves….remember again what a poor launch and terrible marketing can do).

Beyond the big battery, there’s nothing really that exciting. Though I’m sure for that alone, it would make a great daily driver. Seems to have a lot of good enough specs, cameras might be quite ok and as long as it handles most tasks well, then with that mental battery capacity, it would be a big win.

Seriously, not having to worry about plugging in or having to bring portable chargers, or having a fright when you come home from work and wake up and realise you forgot to charge your phone…it’s something that the smartphone market is currently not focused on and it’s missing out on such a big trick. Actual end user usefulness.

It’s all about how you convey this to their market. Will HMD/Nokia bring 1) something different that we can 2) focus on.

In other news on the GSM arena front page, Nokia are supposedly bringing out 6-7 smartphones in total this year. Well we heard of 2 for MWC and there was a set of news later suggesting 4 more by summer. That leaves a potential 1 left for the rest of the year. Hopefully at least one of those will be worth talking about.


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  • rustyknight17

    Well, Nokia won’t be getting my money as I must replace my devices now, not 3-4 months from now (If we’re lucky!) . In fact I’ve already started; my current device, destined to become the backup , is the BLU R1 HD, And so far I’m quite impressed ( And that’s not easily done!) ! It’s a low end device that punches well above its weight! My main device, barring any interesting developments phone wise in the next 5 weeks, will be the Lenovo Moto g4 plus, quite impressive too judging from reviews and a brief play with one !

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      Interesting you say that… Well, as a Nokia 808 user, I got several Android phones since October 2014 just so I could play with them and learn and make it look, resemble and feel like Nokia Belle FP2.
      Currently, I have about five or six Android phones (from ZTE, Samsung, LG and BLU) …

      Having the need for email and the rare need for 4G LTE service, I opted to purchase the BLU R1 HD as well.
      I downloaded many apps from LG, HTC, Asus, and others to make it look and feel like symbian.

      It’s the 2GB version and I use it here and there since October 2016 just to familiarize myself with Android better (waiting for the inevitable to happen when Nokia finally comes out with a proper Android phone). And obviously, the closest thing to symbian is Nova Launcher, so that was the first thing I installed

      I must say, for a phone that cost $65 shipped, tax included, I’m incredibly impressed! As you know, the camera and the speaker suck on it… But it’s quite the deal at $65 out the door. A simple Sim swap and I’m back to using my beloved 808, or vice versa.

      In terms of the Moto play, I’d highly recommend getting the Moto Z Force.
      I played with it quite a bit and it’s a kick ass phone.

      Seriously though, if you can wait a bit, just wait and get a Nokia.

      Compared to symbian, Android still has a lot of ground to catch up on, but it’s slowly getting there. The mindless brain dead masses that care for social media and games and other distractions (as opposed to making money or becoming more educated) are okay with it, and settle. That said, I’m sure Nokia will come out with a proper music player, Bluetooth search option that’s more uniform, better battery management, Nokia sleeping screen, double tap to wake and other goodies baked into the system that no other company has yet done.

      Just wait… (If you can)

      • rustyknight17

        Eric , with you on Symbian and Android ! Hung on to my Symbian devices and used them much as possible because Symbian 3 rules! My GF has my E7 and N8. I still have a pair of E6s and still use my 808 time to time.
        Android wasn’t my first choice, although I’ve had a few over the years. Blackberry 10 was . The OS is solid , the phones not so much except for the Classic, which was a bit outdated. Even so , would have kept it if BlackBerry hadn’t essentially abandoned BB10…
        Next was WP 8.1 , which MS abandoned just as it was becoming useful …

      • rustyknight17

        Which brings me to Android…
        Must agree on the R1 ; the camera and speaker could definitely be better ( though headphones work very well) . But for $65 it’s a steal ! Even at $110 it’s a great buy ! My use case is a bit different, I’m a heavy user …
        Unlike their rivals, neither Nokia nor HMD have had much experience with Android, which puts them in the same position as BlackBerry a year ago. Maybe Nokia will do better.

      • rustyknight17

        As for waiting, I learned long ago that having a backup device is a very good idea , in case your device goes down. I need to stay in touch with my people and be productive. Unfortunately the Lumias are becoming unstable software wise , meaning that my only other reliable device is an ancient BB Torch . ..
        The MZF is a better device ( It’s a flagship!) than the G4 plus … Somewhat. It offers a better CPU and GPU, shatterproof screen, OIS, slightly better camera performance and the mods.
        OTOH the MZF is several times the cost of the G4 plus, and I’m talking the 64 /4 version here. Nor does it include the cost of the mods, which are also expensive. My budget is limited , so that’s definitely a factor. If I played a lot of GIGs ( Graphics Intensive Games ) or shot a lot of videos, I might consider the MZF . Since I don’t, the G4 plus offers much better value.
        Now if Nokia can bring a midrange device to market in the next 5 weeks, I’M take a look. Otherwise it’ll most likely be the G4 plus….

  • LoveNokia

    “Nothing Else Comes Close” i wish this happens again 😛

  • LoveNokia

    that 6-7 phones are including feature phones, Right? if it includes feature phones and then they have already launched one “Nokia 150”