Everyone has tweeted about the Nokia 6…except Nokia

| January 10, 2017 | 17 Replies

So, this is all a bit bizarre. We know that HMD are producing these Nokia branded phones but they’re still Nokia phones nonetheless. Has Nokia twitter tweeted about it? Even a heads up to acknowledge it exists?

Yes, ideally a big Nokia come back with their ‘first’ proper Android handset would have been packing a few more punches AND Not China only. But it is what it is and there’s still MWC to wait for.

Well, at least Nokia has a twitter page. Where should we be following from HMD?

The supposed official facebook page for Nokia phones mentions NOTHING as well.


Oh really…?

Nothing on their YouTube.


The only real official place is on that Nokia phones page.

And the sign up link where you put your email to get news about new Nokias (not that we wouldn’t hear about them way before hand anyway) didn’t email out anything.


I’m giving the benefit of the doubt that this is a quiet release; maybe their attempt to test the waters. But we really need a coordinated front please. Imagine if people didn’t care about the Nokia brand, no one would have bothered to notice Nokia 6. Instead fortunately it was everywhere. But please don’t rest on laurels. Especially since the buzz now about the ‘first’ Nokia Android has been used up on this. How are people going to warm up to the Nokia Androids if even Nokia doesn’t say anything about them?


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  • LoveaNokia

    The are looking for social media manager and one of their employee tweeted about it.

  • Muerte

    Have you guys checked their Weibo accounts and other Chinese accounts? Maybe their western social media people are not advertising something that is not available (at least not yet that is).

  • flotron
    • No, that is fan made twitter profile. real one is @hmdglobal. But jay didn’t maybe notice that there is Nokia Mobile page at facebook that is governed by HMD and they didn’t announce Nokia 6 since it is not global release. So, I think they are still waiting for the models that will be announced at MWC2017.

      • LoveNokia

        That is the official twitter profile of HMD Global. The fake one is @HMD_Global.

  • WantsToSupportNokia

    hoping to see more commitment to serve the market
    coz the market is certainty doing fine without them at the moment

  • rustyknight17

    You’d think that Nokia and HMD would be all over this . Yes it’s China only, at least for now, but still it’s the first Nokia Android… Well , actually the 4th ,the others being the X,XL and the X2… Nevertheless , I have to wonder if, since the 6 is clearly a tweaked version of the Lenovo Moto g4 plus,64 GB , if the reason they’re keeping this quiet is to avoid the ire of Lenovo.,

    • Rocky Tirajean S

      5th actually, Nokia X,X+,XL, and X2, “since the 6 is clearly a tweaked version of the Lenovo Moto g4” , it totally different, even the camera is more resemble of Lumia 620 than Moto G4

      • rustyknight17

        I stand corrected on the 5th Android. As for the 6 and the G4 plus being totally different I’m sorry but you are wrong, with respect. I compared the 6, 620 and the G4 plus. It’s eerie how much they resemble each other. For that matter, the 620 also resembles the Moto g . Don’t take my word for it, do the comparison yourselves!

        • Tarun Suresh

          6th actually if you count the n1 tab nokia released few years ago.

  • Rocky Tirajean S

    Agree, that’s what i want to say, Lumia 620 is long before Moto G/G4, so nobody can say that Nokia (HMD actually) copying from Moto

  • rustyknight17

    Sorry guys but yes the G4 plus and the original Moto g and the 620 plus the 6 do indeed resemble each other . Not completely obviously but go ahead, compare for yourselves…If you dare! I take it you haven’t…
    I get it . The notion that Nokia might have borrowed from Motorola or vice versa is disturbing . But it happens; the N9 is a great example. Several of Nokia’s rivals borrowed from the design of the N9. .

    • LoveNokia

      how can Nokia borrow from Moto if Nokia Lumia 620 was launched 1 year earlier than Moto G?

      • rustyknight17

        You need to reread my comment. I said or vice versa. I think that Motorola borrowed from the 620 and then Nokia/ HMD borrowed en masse from the G4 plus.

        • motorola borrowed from Nokia the Nokia borrowed from motorola lol are you serious.
          how can this even happen lol. its just 1 way… Camera design was borrowed from 620. y will Nokia borrow it from Motorola if they themselves have made it lol 😛

  • Systematic Systematic

    Just the point is this is not any Nokia but HMD stamped with Nokia logo and brand – paid for marketing purposes. But that is not what we used to see with “true Nokia”. Some may like it of course, perhaps this will be a good Android mobile, just one more of hundreds you can find in shops, nothing special IMHO.

  • rustyknight17

    Do the comparisons as I have.