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Well, no hands actually. But still some more live photos thanks to Jerry who mailed these images in. Not sure if they have one or where they’re from.

Having launched on Sunday you would have probably expected several galleries and hands on videos of the Nokia 6 but the launch is silent so we’re jumping on more Nokia 6 info as they come out.

Are those just speaker ports on the left of the picture or could that be used for a wrist strap?

Slight angled side view to see the slight curve of the screen. Volume buttons and power/lock all on one side. To this day, my S6 Edge plus annoys me in that the volume and lock are on opposing side sometimes causing lock button when trying to use the volume buttons for photos.

More noticable below.

Probably the only time I would be happy seeing ANY logo on the face of a phone.

Simple, metal back.

Head phone jack.

Home button/finger print reader. Capacitive Android buttons either side.

Nice enough design though not really distinct enough to be instantly distinguishable as being typically a ‘Nokia’. Maybe the back looks slightly Lumiaish but the front definitely does look iphoney (though to be fair, iPhone had also copied the curved glass thing which some might say the likes of the N9 did first).

What would be nice of Nokia would be some splashes of colour! Back to the old, old Nokia days (colour wasn’t just Lumia). Sure folks stick a case on everything now, but I think it’s a Nokia thing.

One of my favourite Nokia designs. I liked the gold/yellow one but the blue was also a nice classic.

Going gold before it was a thing

Anodised Metal can be colourful too

Maybe it might be a bit difficult manufacturing wise to offer so many colours. Maybe just have some special edition ones?

Polycarbonate was nice, but maybe stick with metal?

Cheers Jerry for the tip!


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