Nokia 8 – Leaked Photos? Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM, 24MP 5.7″ QHD – Nokia’s possible flagship offering

| January 12, 2017 | 23 Replies

All touch, on screen button approach.

Muerte tipped in the image above, showing what was supposedly the Nokia 8. I haven’t seen it before and it didn’t appear on a reverse image search.

However a matching image matches up with it. Some pictures all over twitter (this set via slashleaks) claims they come from a Nokia 8. 8 tending to be from Nokia’s camera series (N8, 808).

If the specs are true then these seem to be decent flagship offerings. If they try to steer clear of Samsung flagship pricing, it’ll be very enticing.

  • 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED display,
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 or 835 CPU (2.0GHz octa-core) with 4GB or 6GB RAM and 64GB or 128GB ROM,
  • Adreno 530 GPU,
  • 24MP rear shooter with OIS and Super EIS
  • 12MP selfie camera,
  • dual front facing speakers,
  • Led notification light
  • glowing Nokia logo on boot.

Can’t see it here but in the first picture it seems to be a no front button approach. On my X2 I’ve removed buttons completely and just use gestures to navigate (bit like n9 swipe).

There’s a circular lump at the back, much like Nokia’s previous flagships cameras but not hefty like the 808 or 1020.


Your next smartphone camera? If it can deliver something similar to the outgoing Lumias (created with Nokia expertise) this should be good. I want something that quickly, consistently takes great photos, (occasionally if I take my time, some fantastic ones :P).

Would it be cheeky to wish for dual mic recording for stereo playback?

What is HRM? My google search shows up Zeiss related posts.

Fingers crossed also for quick charge…and a nice compatible VR headset.

Source:  slashleaks / instagram

Cheers Muerte for the tip!


BTW, does anyone recognise this? Could be a regular Nokia that I’m just not recognising but Kartik messaged our facebook page and wondered what this was.

Update: Original Source might be Total Tech who says they took these photos. More clarification there, on boot the Nokia logo on the device itself glows (I thought they meant on the screen like it usually does on a Nokia)

Cheers Muerte!



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  • გიო

    great but 5.7 inch screen is big, 5 or 5.2 in better with small basels

    • B.Srikanth

      5.7 Inch display is ok. When you get used to it, you will not use small ones.

    • allanwith

      That might be why there is two different versions? Different sizes?

  • Aha! Nokia 9 should be the surprise i guess.

  • Nokia4ever

    Nice but Android not nice…to me only win10…mybe???

  • rez

    HRM = heart rate monitor

  • Muerte

    Here is the video:

    By the way… Could Nokia E1 be Nokia Edge?

    • Where is the Nokia logo that glows?? i cant see it lol

  • Muerte

    Seems like this is a Qualcomm reference-device after all, nothing to do with Nokia or HMD:

  • hulkkii
  • take a look Nokia 6 hands on

  • breaking walnuts with Nokia6 which are already half open 😛

  • Beer Chang

    Unless they put in a Xenon flash it is still a no-no. I am spoiled by my N82, N8, and 808, which are all still in working condition.

    • yes man even i would love to see a flagship phone with Xenon at MWC. Hope this becomes true 😛

    • rafaelinux

      Got 2 out of 3-

  • allanwith

    Man I get the nostalgia about the old product lines, but the World has moved on. A lot people will not understand what Nokia 6 and 8 even stands for – I think many will assume it pertains to screen size. Anyway, as long as they don’t start to come out with 801, 802, … 808 and then we see a 4 and a 5 and so on… and then it all becomes a big mess again and no normal people will be able to tell the differences between the different SKU’s and meanwhile HMD is creating a nightmarish scenario for themselves to maintain the software for all of these SKU’s and then eventually they get bought by a Chinese company…

    Oh, sorry, for the rant, I am actually rooting for Nokia to return. Just please do not repeat the mistakes of the past!

    • rafaelinux

      So the Galaxy S8 will be 8 inches large. Alright.

      • allanwith

        Well, the Galaxy s8 has the advantage of having the Galaxy brand as the main denominator which ties it to the rest of the series, which has been a progression from s1 up to s8. But if you directly to market with the first device named just “Nokia 6” what does that number mean? My main point was that a lot of people won’t necessarily get the association with the historic 6xxx series, going all the way back to the legendary 6110, and what that has always meant. But perhaps I am wrong. And what will they do with the successor? Anyway, not the biggest problem in the World. If they make a great enough device, they probably will still sell a fair number of it, just on the Nokia brand name.

  • Check out this unboxing video of Nokia 6.

  • Ridho

    6 and 8, where is the 7 ?

  • Oscar Gomez Trujillo

    Hi. Whoowww. How did you get swipe-like n9 gestures?

  • IUse2Phones