Video: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Reference Device ‘Nokia 8’

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Total Tech uploaded another video stating that the pictures they were sharing was the Nokia 8 reference hardware pics from ‘their friend in Russia’. As the Nokia 8 is rumoured to be using the 835, like many of the others who would be aiming for the 835, this would be their hardware for referencing the capabilities of that chip. Apparently it was available for viewing at CES in plain sight but nobody paid attention to it.

Well winfuture also saw it (though isn’t making a Nokia connection).

You can see the reference device from Qualcomm below. Note the large bezels top and bottom – hoping the Nokia 8 won’t have anywhere near that. – a German language tech blog. Seems to be the source link for these batch of photos.

Youtube version…

835 and 821…

Total Tech’s demo of the EIS feature on the 835. It’s really good! Total Tech seems to have labelled one of these devices as being the Nokia 8.

First video

Camera bump..



You’ll note that the pictures from the source link and the video are the same.

Except now it has become a ‘leaked image of the Nokia 8’ :/. Total Tech says the one they saw at CES says whilst this phone appears plastic, the one they shot was metal.

Let’s pray we keep the headphone jack.


Cheers Mariano for the tip!


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  • Laol

    Do you remember leak of Snapdragon 835-based prototype device through Geekbench 4? It was called “Essential FIH-PM1”. FIH Mobile is Foxconn.

    It looks like this year FIH Mobile is maker of Qualcomm’s flagship reference phone (in 2015-2016 it was Intrinsyc). So, Foxconn can re-release this reference phone as Nokia’s flagship.

    • But they will have to design it much better. This reference phone is made of plastic. No 2.5d curved glass for flagship, No metal unibody and this phone isn’t slim.

      • Arthur

        Yeah the aesthetics of a reference device are given very little thought to as long as it is some manageable enclosure to house all the internals. If this phone is indeed all the guts of the Nokia 8 in a more traditional Nokia body then I can’t wait to see the final result. It’s sure to be one of the best flagship devices of 2017. MWC can’t come fast enough.

  • FireDragonX2

    “EIS” is “EIS”. :/

    • DBS

      This has EIS AND OIS. So you get both not just EIS as Sony insists in doing.

  • DBS

    No, thanks 😉

  • DBS

    As a reference device I hope the real version is nothing alike.

    1 – This is plastic. The first video says it. Now, I honestly prefer metal and glass and metal and polycarbonate (a la Nokia 930) if it brings Qi charging. Otherwise plastic is not acceptable.

    2 – Those huge bezels are awful. Which is bad considering the phone is already too big with 5.5″ of display.

    3 – tge button placement is that of a Galaxy. No problem with that since I’ve become used to it with the S7 HOWEVER it doesn’t match neither the Nokia 6 nor Nokia’s traditional button layout.

    4 – No camera button. If the phone doesn’t bring a dedicated camera button it will be the first Nokia flagship ever to not bring one. Which is not only very odd, it’s not acceptable. All phones should bring it. But specially Nokias.

    • I would love to see a dedicated camera button but i doubt that will happen. Even Nokia’s budget phones had 2 stage camera shutter key (Nokia Lumia 520) but Nokia 6 doesn’t have it. hope we get it in the flagship 🙂 is there an alternative for Lumia Camera app in Android??

      • God of chaos

        The Lumia 630 and 530 were budget phones and did not have camera keys, yet the flagship, the 930 had one. So did the 830.

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  • Kontra-Kontra