Rumour: $950 for a 256GB Nokia P1/Nokia 8?

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It’s difficult to ascertain much reliability into this source as even KN is doubtful given the info was just posted on a Russian social networking site. It could be anyone on the equivalent of twitter making up stuff or they could be in the know. Phone Arena thinks it’s legit enough to talk about too.

First up, the rumoured price is $950 for the higher end with 256GB internal memory. Wowsers, it that USD? Currently the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus is 969USD! Even if this were the best Android phone ever, I wouldn’t think it would be able to command that sort of price. Only the Edge phones from Samsung could do that and that’s because of the huge following.

What could be the supposed specs?

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Previously rumoured. This would mean incredible performance plus all those 835 extras

  • 6 GB of RAM and 128/256 GB ROM

Where’s the memory card slot? 6GB RAM is neat.

  • 22.6 megapixel camera, identical to that of Sharp Aquos Xx3, but certified optics Carl ZEISS;

Just want to have a high enough percentage of great quality photos please. BTW, Foxconn completed its acquisition of Sharp last August. I can’t find any reviews of the XX3 that would give any hints on how good the camera might be (or not). It’s not a particularly high end phone.


    • 5.3-inch, IGZO screen with a refresh rate of 1 to 120 Hz, Gorilla Glass Glass 5;

    Smaller than the 5.5″ in the Nokia 6? The Sharp Aquos XX3 has a 5.3″ IGZO screen…

  • Battery 3500 mAh with Quick Charge;

Is that the latest quick-charge? The 835 brings QC 4,  5 min charge – 5 hours battery life. 50% charge in 50 minutes (but for 2750mah).

  • Ultrasonic fingerprint reader on the right end of the smartphone;

Introduced by qualcomm and first seen in the Xiaomi Mi 5? 3D fingerprints, more secure and can operate through cases.


  • Android Nougat.

Expecting the latest version of Android

  • Standards IP55 / IP57 protection

IP55 – Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction.

IP57 – Protected from immersion between 15 centimetres and 1 meter in depth.

Not exactly super waterproof but might survive a splash or a short dunk. You might be able to shower with it.

Finally the 256GB is said to come with ceramic packaging whilst the 128GB comes in glass. A bit extravagant.

Source: VK

Via: Phone ArenaNPU

Cheers Alvester for the tip!


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  • zlutor

    if the intention is to be matched with current top iPhone, thus gaining marketing buzz, I undetstand pricing.

    otherwise, insane price for a gadget, even if super-duper pv camera is on board…

  • bandora

    Doubt it.

  • Arthur

    If this is based on the Docomo Sharp Xx3 which the specs very much match that device then I understand the pricing since flagship smartphones in Japan are not cheap. The US will be the toughest market to crack for a Nokia comeback since teaming up with a carrier is almost a must if you want to get any attention and at a retail price that meets or exceeds a Pixel/iPhone/Galaxy it needs to stand out in some meaningful way to even get noticed.

    • i just don’t want to see a re-branded phone.. that will just ruin the Nokia brand value. Nokia is a big name and they can’t just put their brand sticker on any phone like BLU does lol

  • their MWC event is on 26th February not 27th. 😛 What if they come up with 82MP PV camera 😛 surprise surprise haha

  • If Nokia brings their own flagship then the camera will never be on the corner of a phone like iPhone. The camera on all Nokia phones were in center and that looks much better. Look at the phone above the rear side completely looks empty and there is nothing to look at the back of the phone. This phone looks very nice only if you look at the frame 😛 I don’t think Nokia will do it.

  • chris rock

    NSeries return?, If this turns out to be true it’ll be interesting because the N8x series was all about the camera at some point in the history of Nokia, we’ll see.

  • Muerte

    The part of it being rebranded Sharp is bullshit. I’m almost certain of this. Specs might be close though.

  • Laol

    It’s all fake.

    • i want to trust you 🙂

      • Systematic Systematic


  • Nguyen Manh

    A unknown Russian blog spreading a fairly dangerous hoax, abusing sharp acquision by Foxconn. Like hell I gonna believe them.