Video: Flagship Nokia P1 Promo #Concept

| January 30, 2017 | 14 Replies

An interesting couple of videos shows off what the Nokia flagship might have this year.



Intriguing linear arrangement of the LED flash


Another slight 2.5D screen.

Full video:

Concept creator


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  • Kevin Mikulaj

    Is that a dedicated camera button?

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      I hope so.
      It looks like it but who knows for sure?

      • Systematic Systematic

        +1 I hope so

    • i don’t know

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  • the camera design looks uhly 😛

  • Doug MacFarland

    It’s just a concept vid, right?

  • Systematic Systematic

    My comments:
    – seems this is single SIM? => must be at last dual SIM. Single SIM is retro-oldschool
    – camera lens does not have any physical protection against scrathes, hits etc. How about something like a plastic ring, manually rotatable, with a “gap” showing lenses and covering them
    – I miss PureVeiw, but as it was in PV808, not just a meaningless words, but technology
    – there is no place, any whole or something, to attach a rope or chain. I know that is primitive but very handy way to protect mobile from folling down or stealing in crowd.
    – normal jack for headphones is OK, thx!, microUSB in this role is f..n s…t IMHO
    – How do you think which OS I would prefer? OF COURSE the Linux MeeGo Sailfish OS – no doubts about that!

    That clip in fact shows nothing or very little, to little. Perhaps 3 LEDs are to be the hit. This is N9 design, used later by lumias, now less curves, looks like in metal not any kind of plastic or polycarbon, and that ‘s all in fact. To wide borders around screen. Yes, we love Nokia and that logo. But we love it BECAUSE OF VALUES, TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATIONS, EXPERIENCES that were behind it in old true Nokia, Nokia understood as a state of mind, but excluding state of mind by Steven Elop in his infinite wisdom.

    Would I use this concept? Yes if only there will be MeeGo Sailfish OS. Would I buy it but without MeeGo Sailfish? – certainly not. This something is for me, and I want Sailfish OS device. I am waiting.

    • Systematic Systematic

      Just wanted to add: dedicated camera button, but programmable is very needed. I would assign it with voice recording soft however.

    • Otto Ääri

      I want wp. even though I also had (still have) the N9. The only problem with that was that there were even less apps than for WP. WP is the easiest UI on smartphones.

  • Otto Ääri

    Now if they just made this for WP. Period.

    • bandora


    • I would say every flagship Lumia made by Nokia looks much better than this concept lol.