@NokiaMobile Event Goes Live!

| February 26, 2017 | 12 Replies

Hey, go watch the live streams! I’m currently typing one handed and streaming over twitter live @jatmontano  on the other.

Official streams @NokiaMobile Facebook.

The event is available over OzoLive in 360 too.

Topics being covered:

  • VR (Ozo)
  • Health (Withings – Soon to carry Nokia brand name)
  • Mobile (Nokia Mobile – a category Nokia has led)




Entire range with google assistant











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  • 🙂 Withings turns Nokia 🙂

  • This is not the Nokia i knew 🙁

    • A bit disappointing 🙁
      But i still put a hope on upcoming devices.
      Could they plan a better presentation?

    • A bit disappointing 🙁
      But i still put a hope on upcoming devices.
      Could they plan a better presentation?

  • zlutor

    well, well – not that much… 🙁

    nothing amazing, no real flagship…

    • Its ok that we didn’t get a flagship. But where is that Nokia touch. Nokia Lumia had more features then these android phones 🙁 no double tap, no glance no wireless charging nothing. When I first saw Nokia 5 I was in shock after looking at the camera design. They aren’t that great anymore. They also ruined the legacy of Nokia 3310.

  • Nokia should learn from Apple how to present a product, market it right, let people know about your product. Today’s presentation is disappointing.
    I hope All Nokia people in the past would return to Nokia. Damian, Marco, and the rest.

    Even Elop is a better presenter, imo.

    • I agree with you. Even Elop presented phones in a much better way. But the thing is they didn’t have anything special about the products to speak about. No extra features. Moto G5 will outsell Nokia I think.

  • Jukka-Pekka Sokero

    Jay, what did you think of the Nokia Patient Care concept/platform?
    Are there similar solutions already in place? It makes sense to me, but I dont know the market.

  • andy dude

    Fake Nokia phones, no PureView. Boring Android

  • Systematic Systematic

    Nokia to reborn needs Sailfish OS more then I thought so far.

    BTW: And obvious is scale or extent of destruction, burnt earth, remnants left after all together: M$, Windows obsession-possesion, elop effect, elopocalipse or insane management by Elop in his infinity wisdom…

  • rustyknight17

    Must agree guys, disappointing.The 3,5&6 global all seem to be pretty much the same device.The 3310 was the most interesting and even it seems disappointing! The BlackBerry Key One was much more interesting!Too bad it’s well above my budget… Haven’t checked out the Moto G5 yet , but it’s not looking like Nokia will be getting my money…