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| February 27, 2017 | 17 Replies

The Nokia 3 is Nokia’s most affordable Android handset, but cheap doesn’t mean it feels flimsy.

On the contrary it has a surprising premium feel about it. Do you remember the 925? It feels like that, mix of metal borders and a polycarbonate back, but somehow, more solid.


The front is simple and clean. It looks generic in terms of something that might get lost in that sea of rectangles…but you” think twice when you actually hold it.

Like the N8, there are coloured anodized aluminium variants…Silver, black, blue and copper.

Of course, there’s a whole smartphone experience to cover. It’s good for a starter smartphone at 139EUR. It’s very responsive and hopefully will stay that way for a lot longer by having a purer Android lacking bloatware. I think for me I’d want a camera that’s a little more… robust.


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  • Beer Chang

    I want a mobile with a camera (and sound recording) like my 808 Pureview had. Dreams, dreams…

  • Systematic Systematic

    @Jay HI, how about answers for our questions? Including mine in this number? Or have I missed anything?

    • yes, we are waiting where are the answers? plz post them as soon as you can πŸ™‚

      • Systematic Systematic

        …or they can be answered in video at Youtube. even better, you will not waste a time for writing. I mean they to be in the video answering questions, not you Jay of course.

        Or just let us know there will be no answers.

        • Jay Montano

          My reply to you might have been missed, re the questions. I asked about Sailfish. πŸ™‚

          • Systematic Systematic

            THX again! just I’ve seen it. If Nokia is working for market demands and I am part of market then I assume this will finally lead Nokia to satisfy my partial market demand and will launch Sailfish OS Nokia device. Or I will go to Delphic Woman for consultations in Greek old style πŸ˜‰

        • haha

        • hi, Which phone do you like most in terms of design? out of 3 Nokia phones that launched at MWC πŸ˜›

          • Systematic Systematic

            As you know Nokia launched during MWC 22 new products and services, in addition to the demonstration of more than 60 products and services. Whatsmore Nokia and China Mobile as the largest mobile operator in the world in terms of number of subscribers are to present together a demonstration of telemedicine services and show how products and services 5G can be integrated in a variety of industries (or I have missed this already).

            So let me think. First of all none have MeeGo Sailfish so – that is disqualification at start. But looking deeper internally what has made me “wow” I’d say 3310 – really pretty indeed. But this can be the effect of “washing powder commercial in TV”: every one will choose fist something what is known, seen in hopeless commercial because they imprint into subconsciousness a trace of something known.

            Android devices has not moved me to much, just another Android on the shelf, near another Android I may not notice this is Nokia even. PH7=neutral relation.

            But more interesting is Nokia Android which IS NOT EXACTLY ANDROID which we know from Google but AOSP Android Open Software Platform what can have SIGNIFICANT consequences.

            Nokia has introduced new OS which is Nokia X Software Platform so exactly Android Open Source Platform (AOSP), fully open and naked Android. AOSP is used to build own OS based on the most common mobile OS.

            In contrary to Google Android which is closed however free. Anybody can use AOSP, so did Amazon creating own FireOS operating Kindle Fire or Baidu in China. So did Nokia.

            But that also means there will be no Google play store, and apps DON”T HAVE TO BE COMPATIBLE at the end of the day. When one or both companies will take decisions will introduce diversification and incompatibility, or something nasty e.g. constant slowing down of apps from a competitor. So this is not a start of cooperation but can be just contrary. When only Nokia will launch again its online store and fill it with soft from which will have revenue. And devs will have just more Android “specyfic versions” to learn, develop, care&maintain – sound familiar? Unfortunately.

            In practice X serie WILL NOT asure access to Google services, especially Google Play. Of course, one will be able to figure out how to install soft from other then Nokia sources but seems everyone will lose already bought apps from Google store, never mind compatibility even. This will be a separate platform.

            The Google ecosystem will be replaced with a Nokia store and cloud services BUT from MIcro$oft (welcome to PRISM, MYSTIC, NSA, Snowden, and beloved Trumpet with his excentric ADHD, somethina like one bold ADHD dancer.) – will be just more fun! Of course will be also some exclusive Finnish (?) services like: HERE Maps or MixRadio, Skype, OneDrive and, owned by M$ ASFIK. And great generous gift: 1 (Oh Lord! not 0.25, not 0.5 but whole fatty 1 yes ONE) month of free international connections with Skype!! (Nokia connecting people 1 month?) As I remember Skype was free permanently.

            The system UI in fact it is Fastlane known from Asha serie, which might have some remnants from MeeGo in visual aspect. now it was more modified to remain more Lumias Modern UI, seems some elements from Swipe UX of Harmattan and N9 has been used also. BUT this for me does not make coherent and harmonic entity but glued parts of different things and philosophies. When we will take Sophocles multiplied by Platoon and then we will raise product to the power level of Nietzsche – we will reach systematic Kant’s methodology? I doubt. Merged something working, shining, lighting but not necessary as reliable as we would like it to be.


            NOTE WELL: hopes that Nokia moved to a better ecosystem has realised to be at most illusory. Just a hidden M$ marketing, and we don’t know if Nokia is really M$ independent nor for how long.

            Implications? Nokia simply don’t care about former customers e.g. like me or many survivors vegetating with old Nokia devices waiting for the BIG COMEBACK. This what was shown is by design targeted only to new users, that is why what is from past is not taken under consideration. I also have impression that this will be a piracy promised land or paradise X-bay. Visible are bonds with M$ which can limits Nokia perhaps. Lets hope Elop in his infinite wisdom will not be back!!

            Time will tell, we will see.

            @ LoveNokia: Have I answered your question? Sorry, I just like better OS so Sailfish. It is my aware choice, so far there are no reasons for any change in this area.

            Read this in a few months, then only you will see if I have pointed correctly what was to be kept hidden and buried deeply in silence.

            Now lets party, Nokia is back. Almost. And not Old True Nokia. So lets almost party.

            It is very easy to destroy but very hard to rebuild what was lost. Wish you all the best Nokia.

  • Nguyen Manh

    I got great hopes when they mentioned “letting more lights in to a big sensor” but then expectation came in vain. I hope Nokia has some serious plan for the rest of this year.

  • Thomas F

    Are the Nokia phones running standard Android ?What is Nokia bringing that you do not get with a Samsung or huawei. ? If the answer is Yes and nothing, then what is the point? I was hoping for a n9 like UI options and a special camera ore something.

    • Systematic Systematic

      Just see my replay below. Point is that Nokia want to have “its own” Android mutation and just to milky users from cash like Google or M$. That is first. So Nokia store will appear called this way or another. Then only anything like stuff you have mentioned. If ever at all. Se my replay “As you know Nokia launched during MWC 22 new…” below.

    • Jay Montano

      I thought Pure Nexus level Android was very attractive? Other manufacturers alter android to differentiate. But there’s a massive community of people that want to have stock Android. If you want to, you could still install a launcher to make it appear different. It’s nice to have the option there.

      Benefits include getting updates. Android is fun but there’s a surprising number that won’t get updates due to to the added variation from manufacturers.

      • Thomas F

        Hi Jay, i did write option for N9 like UI πŸ™‚ My point is simple why should i pick a Nokia over a Samsung or Huawei ? in my opinion they need to bring something special… if you look at the hardware there is nothing that you can not already get in the stores today.

      • Jens Persson

        Pure Nexus would be just fine if it got support for themes. Nokia could possibly add support for Substratum theme engine. That would make Nokia phones better than other stock Android phones like the Moto series.

  • rustyknight17

    I guess my question was answered indirectly… I noticed that Jay didn’t answer Thomas F’s 2nd question and Thomas, must agree. I’m in the market for a primary device. While pure Android is great , there are other options, such as my current top contender, the Moto G4 plus.. My question is why should I choose one of these over the G4 plus?

    • Jens Persson

      HMD is basically starting smartphone business from scratch so if you want something special you may want to look elsewhere. I don’t like hardware buttons so I would not buy any of these. Could possibly get a cheap Nokia 3 just for supporting a european phone brand.